Can Missionary Make Him Fall In Love? Sex Positions That Increase Intimacy

February 20, 2015  |  
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What’s the difference between having sex and making love? Sometimes it’s the position. Some positions are designed to bring you closer — inside the bedroom and out of it. This winter, why not warm up the bedroom with these sex positions that increase intimacy?

Woman On Top

When he’s lying on his back, he has to rely on your lead. This leaves him slightly vulnerable and anticipating your every move.

Catch Me

He holds her like she’s just jumped into his arms, she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. This position creates slow movements, romantic swaying and lots of kissing.

The Chair Pose

Tired of standing? He sits in the chair while she climbs on top. This seated version of Catch Me has all of the intimacy with none of the strain. And the extra support gives you room to speed up the intensity.

Major Missionary

How do you bring missionary even closer? Keep your arms around each other and your legs and tongues intertwined. When every part of your bodies are connected you can take it slow enough for two to become one.


This protective position allows him to cradle you closer while you both lay on your sides. Allow him to explore your body with his hands, or hold them in yours for an even closer experience.

Hands Free

Having trouble letting yourself feel vulnerable (and own a copy of 50 Shades of Grey)? Let him hold your hands down while he’s on top. Letting go of control will let him in — in more ways than one. Feeling really bold? Try using restraints.

The Lotus

He sits with his legs crossed, she sits in his lap and faces him. This move keeps things slow and close with lots of heat-generating eye contact.

Stand And Deliver

Turn the missionary position 90 degrees so that both of you are standing. A supportive wall will help keep you stable, but you’ll still be physically dependent on each other and much more in tune to each other’s movement and mood.

The Slow Burn

He sits on the floor with his legs extended. She gets on top, facing him and extends hers. Both parties lean back, gaze into each other’s eyes and enjoy the slow and electrifying movements this position is designed to create.

Legs-Up Love

She lays on her back with her bottom at the edge of the bed and her legs straight up in the air and on his shoulders. This gives both partners just the right amount of control for a sexual dialogue with all the non-verbal communication you need to bring you closer.

Woman Down

She lays on her stomach for sensation-enhancing relaxation while he envelops her from behind. She feels relaxed and protected and he’s free to get closer. Crossed legs will make for a more intimate fit.

Holding Hands

There’s a reason why people have been doing it forever. Pressing your palms together fo the duration will upgrade the intimacy level of any position.

Eye Contact

Try holding it for as long as you can — in any position — and prepare yourself for the emotional waves.

Turn The Lights On

Feeling bold? Even a little bit of extra light adds another visual dimension to any position.

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