Toya Wright Talks Separation From Memphitz, K. Michelle’s Accusations And Declining ‘Love And Hip Hop’

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His odd social media presence these days

I had to tell him, like, that saying: ‘Half of the people are not what they ‘post’ to be,’ like people ‘post’ stuff on Instagram but it’s not really their life- like people don’t know the you that we know, the people that really know you. So when you get on there and you say crazy stuff and you act out of emotion and your feelings, people can take that wrong. I understand where it’s coming from, it’s coming from a place of you being hurt and angry and you’re just mad but you can’t put that out there. There is a better way of doing it.

I mean- everybody has their breaking point. Imagine if, people just keep attacking you and labeling you as something that you’re not, it comes to a point where you’re just, everybody explodes and they have their breaking point.

I just told him, ‘Maybe you need to delete social media because that’s not you. That’s really not you.’ Don’t stoop to the next person’s level.

His posts about K. Michelle 

I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all. But when he does entertain it, it’s because it came to him first. The reason the last whole Instagram thing went on is because of what she said on Wendy Williams, you know what I mean? When she uses her bigger platform to attack him, it draws people back to him to pick on him. And that’s what makes him start to say stuff and post all this crazy stuff because that’s the only platform to defend himself.

It’s tough not to react, because we’re all human.

On Memphitz being her soul mate and whether or not she believed the abuse allegations

He’s always been a positive person, he’s a good father to his kids. My daughter loves him to death, like, he’s bubbly, he’s always- it’s like we balance each other out. He brings out the best in me, I bring out the best in him. I just feel like, you know, when I met him, he was my soul mate. [Before him] I’d always be like ‘I’m not doing that,’ [but] he’s adventurous. He exposed me to things I never saw. It’s a lot of things and he’s just overall a good man.

I wasn’t there [in his last relationship] so true- I can’t voice my opinion on what’s true. All I know is to go off what I know from the court stuff, what he told me and who he is to me and the other people that he has dated. Like, I met a lot of the women my husband dated and they all describe the same person [I know], so it’s just weird that he turned into a ‘woman beater’ overnight.

He doesn’t even like to argue with me. He’s the type of person when you’re having an argument, he’s dipping. He’s that guy. He don’t even like confrontation. So it was just weird to me or whatever. But like, I said, some women bring out the worst in men. So I can’t say what happened for real. All I can go off of is what I know and what I see and what I hear throughout the court documents and the court process that I witness with my own two eyes and it just wasn’t added up. But, that’s neither here nor there. All I can talk about is how he treats me and make me feel and this whole situation that’s going on right now.

I [tell him] ‘You can’t let this break you like this. You’re stronger than this, you’re better than this, you gotta bounce back. Don’t let this tear you down and turn you into someone that you’re not. Don’t let the world make you bitter. Be the Mickey we all know and love.’


Whoa. These two are dealing with a lot these days. But their issues, aside from the public being involved, aren’t entirely different from the ones non-famous couples experience everyday. The shift in roles and financial capabilities will have a lot of men shook, particularly when their name is being dragged across the media. While none of us know exactly what happened with K. Michelle, we wish the best for Memphitz and Toya, whatever that may ultimately look like.

You can read Toya’s full interview, where she talks about side chicks and what she’s learned about marriage here.

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