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There are plenty of hot things guys can do, but there is a difference between the actions that make you tingle downstairs and those that make your maternal instincts kick into overdrive. Here are 15 cute things guys do that make your ovaries want to grab them.


Talk to dogs

When a guy shows kindness to a helpless animal, but even better, speaks to your doggy like he’s just as important of a presence in the room as a human, you want to set up a registry at Babies ‘R Us.

Write a thank you note

That’s some grown-a**-man behavior right there. Yummy.

Keep a to do list

When he crosses out and writes something on that white board he keeps in his room to stay on track with his weekly tasks…you want to flush your birth control down the toilet.

Tell his mom he loves her

You just started ovulating early.

 Make you dinner

A man in an apron may as well be carrying a baby in a bib. Adorable. Oh, and if he totally messes up dinner, it’s somehow cuter because he was trying hard at something, even though he’s no good at it.


Ask to be cuddled

When he isn’t afraid to ask for affection and attention, all your defenses are down.



Play with babies

Well, this one’s a no-brainer.






Buy the totally wrong female thing

He picks up tampons or makeup remover or pantyhose because he knows you’ve used up all of yours. But he buys the wrong size tampon/wrong brand makeup remover/pantyhose that are actually for children. Somehow this is the cutest thing ever.


Analyze someone else’s relationship

When your man starts talking about how Brian is no good for Caroline because he doesn’t seem to support her career…your hormones act similar to fireworks.


Send you a cute video/photo

Not only is he watching the cute videos and photos you send him, but also now he’s looking up new ones on his own? Your uterus just expanded.


Gets protective of you

When you’re walking down the street and a shady looking character approaches, he immediately steps in front of you. The bed can’t come soon enough.

Help your parents

When he’s been cleaning out their garage for four hours without complaining, you want to brush off your old crib and put it to good use.

Ask your friend lots of questions

When you have a girlfriend over and he takes a genuine interest in her life, you want to ask that friend to leave so you can rip his clothes off.

Get ready very quietly in the morning

When he tiptoes around and shuts drawers veerrrry slowly so as not to wake you in the morning, you want him to get back in bed ASAP.


Put a blanket on you

When he pulls the blanket up over your exposed shoulder, you want to burn all the condoms in the house.

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