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When “The Game” first made its official appearance in 2006, viewers were drawn in with the amazing writing, and great acting from the ensemble cast.  After a premature cancellation, and a revival through BET, “The Game” has reached a large audience and brought the dramedy four more seasons.

As the final season is about to begin, I wanted to honor this amazing show with a list of some of the best episodes.

A small caveat, this list is only comprised of the CW episodes.  I went through a period without cable, and never caught back up with the BET episodes.  

It was hard to cut it down (my original list had 27 episodes, and I was trying really hard to not include everything), but I think I have a pretty decent list.

If I missed your favorite, let’s talk about it in the comment section!



At first I thought about adding the pilot, because, well… duh.  But honestly, I felt while the pilot introduced the audience to the cast, “Gifted” really let you get to know them.

In the episode, Melanie’s well-intentioned gift of “good luck bamboo” sets up a gift-giving competition among the players, and more hazing for Derwin.

The episode also showed how involved/supportive the wives and girlfriends are to their football mates and proved that gold diggers come in various shapes, sizes and colors.

To Baby… or Not to Baby

When Derwin thinks that Melanie is pregnant, he plans to propose to her at the game.  However, when Melanie fails the pregnancy test, and tries to derail Derwin, he still goes through with the proposal that haunts them ’til the end of this season.


When the Chickens Come Home to Roost Pt. 1 & 2

Any episode with Drew Sidora could have been here, but this two part season finale had it all.

After Derwin finally discards his “good boy” behavior for a moment of passion, he lies to keep Melanie.  But all things go awry when the opening lines of Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” shapes the mood oh so well.

To the left, to the left, Derwin!


Fool Me Twice… I’m the Damn Fool

After Derwin’s persistence to finally win Melanie back, she agrees to go out on a date with him.  But while at dinner a misinterpreted text message from Drew Sidora on Derwin’s phone sends Melanie running out of the restaurant and into Malik’s bed.

Best lines of the episode:

Derwin:  “Musiq, fall back!”  and  Tee-Tee:  “No!  Melanie, I loved you!  …This ain’t over Malik.”


Media Blitz

After Malik’s coonish comments during an interview inspire a cartoon satirist to poke fun at the $40 million dollar kid, Malik tries to fix things with his own hands; only to ruin them with his fists.


Baby Come Back

Not taking anything away from Pooch Hall/Derwin’s fine-ness, but geez lou-freakin’-ouise, how sexy was Jerome/Mehcad Brooks?!  *Fanning myself*

Melanie decides to put her new boo’s, Jerome (the Emperor of Enticement/Mehcad Brooks), worries to bed by taking him to a hotel resort.  The only problem is that the Sabers are celebrating there, resulting a violent altercation in a bathroom.

On the other hand, after Jason’s mistreatment of Kelly finally comes to a boil, we see how even the most loyal person can reach their breaking point.


Stay Fierce, Malik

Before Michael Sam brought awareness of homosexuality in organized sports, “The Game” created the discussion with this episode.

After Robin Givens implies that her fake marriage to Malik didn’t last because he was secretly gay, Malik faces heat on all sides of the debate when a fellow teammate not only comes out, but tries to get with Malik as well.


I Want it All and I Want it Now

Derwin and Melanie finally got themselves together to rush down the aisle, so Melanie could get married before his baby is born.  But Melanie accepts her place in Derwin’s life when Janay goes into labor, during their ceremony.


The Wedding Episode

Melanie and Derwin finally make it down the aisle, but is almost sidetracked with all of the drama that surrounds them with family and friends.

By the way, why does every season end with a punch?!


Those are my picks, what about all of you?



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