The Fire We Make: Shockingly Bold Ways To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

December 10, 2014  |  
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You two used to wear out the mattress springs. But now that your relationship has matured, things in the bedroom are… fizzling.

You’re not alone. And the good news is, there’s a lot you can do to spice things up in the bedroom again. You just have to be brave enough to try something bold.

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Read 50 Shades Of Grey

And join the S&M revolution. But be careful before you crack open those pages. That book has spiced up so many bedrooms since it was published, it started a new baby boom. So maybe buy condoms first.

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Go Sex Toy Shopping

Just walking through the doors with your SO will get your engines running. Each of you grab something that looks like fun and wear it out. Buy new batteries and repeat and you’ll have trouble getting out of bed for work on Monday.

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Tell Him What You Like

It’s such a bold bedroom move that it can be hard to pull off without feeling like you’re going to die of embarrassment.

Instead of confronting things head on, take the awkwardness out of it by making it a game. Each of you write a move on an index card and take turns wordlessly handing them over to your partner.


Take Control

Still have trouble getting the words out? Show him. Have a few drinks, put on something he’ll like and show him what you like without talking at all.


Take Him To A Strip Club

Or give him a pass to go alone. He’ll come home with his engine’s so revved up all you’ll have to do is buckle your seatbelt.


Surprise Him With A Sext

Never know where to start? Follow this handy guide.


Wake Him Up

It’s not only a great way to start your day, it’s almost guaranteed to keep things heating up for the rest of the day.


Dress Up

Wear heels around the house, invest some money at Victoria’s Secret and life at home will get a lot more exciting.


Add Purple To The Bedroom

It sounds crazy, but a recent study found that couples who added purple throw pillows sheets and other accents in their bedrooms have sex twice as much as couples who favor drabber colors like grey.


Turn Up

Science still hasn’t come up with a good answer to “turn down for what?” but there are a lot of good reasons to turn up.

Women who have the occasional glass of wine with dinner have more exciting sex lives than those who don’t.


Flirt Shamelessly

Head to your favorite singles bar, let someone buy you a drink and don’t tell them you’re taken. Then head home and let him add the final chapter to the fantasy.


Say “We Can Do Whatever You Like”

And mean it. Turn the reigns over to him and try being submissive on for a change. You might be surprised about the new things you discover about your sex life.


Think About Your Ideal Romantic Weekend

And be bold enough to ask him to give it to you. For women, romance starts outside the bedroom. Turning up the romance dial on your relationship might be just what you need to bring the heat back into the bedroom.


Ditch The Pill

If you’re Hot Pocket feels broken and you’re desperate to get things going again, talk to your doctor about getting off of birth control. The pill, the injection and even the Nuva Ring have all been linked to a lower sex drive in women.

And while you’re there, ask your doctor to look for anything else that could be slowing your sex drive down.


Do Anything Different

Routine is like kryptonite for a spicy sex life. Whether it’s trying it in the shower or calling him at work for some afternoon delight, switching up your schedule could be the key to getting that old thing back.

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