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This week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” included a lot of action and drama, and as usual, Kenya and Apollo were a big part of it.

To summarize: Phaedra and Apollo continue to be at odds, Mama Joyce is back and she still can’t stand Todd, and as it turns out, Apollo has been lying on Kenya all along. Let’s chat about this week’s shenanigans, shall we?

Out Of The Mouth of Babes…

This week’s RHOA episode opens with Phaedra Parks and her mother taking Ayden to his first dentist appointment. All is good and pleasant until Apollo Nida shows up and the tension between the troubled couple becomes very evident, even to little Ayden: “Daddy? Oh boy…oh boy.” Phaedra barely said two words to Apollo, and when he tried to ask about Ayden’s appointment with the dentist, she got up to ask the receptionist, in a very annoyed way, where the doctor was. In the dentist’s office, Apollo realizes that his time with his sons is dwindling, and he’s hurt at the idea of trying to tell Ayden that he will have to go away for years. We find out in this episode that Phaedra has no plans to take Ayden and Dylan to see Apollo behind bars, and wants to raise them to be “strong black men.” As for her husband, she says, “Apollo has basically broken up our family.”

Cynthia Is Still Flawless At 47, And Friskier Than Ever

To show that black surely doesn’t crack, Cynthia Bailey shows off her flawless new spread in EBONY. And not only does she look amazing, she feels amazing too, and frisky at that: “If anybody is chasing anyone around the house for sex, it’s me chasing Peter.” She’s also happy to be NeNe-free (which I guess she’s going to say in every episode this season), and as it turns out, she’s not here for Porsha Williams these days either. Cynthia plans a party at BarOne to celebrate her EBONY spread and says that she’s all about positivity these days, so no NeNe and no Porsha.

Kandi’s Offering Mama Joyce Yet Another House, And Todd Isn’t Happy About It

If you’ll recall, last season Kandi moved in with Todd and gave Mama Joyce her mansion. Well, it turns out that Mama Joyce isn’t feeling that home so much, so Kandi decides to buy her mother a whole new ridiculously-sized home. When she tells Todd about their search, he’s not understanding why Mama Joyce needs a whole new home after being given one for free.99. He blames it on the reality that Kandi lets her mom walk all over her: “I think you’re soft.” Mama Joyce eventually walks in their home and has the most awkward encounter with Todd that we’ve seen since…well, Phaedra and Apollo’s conversation, or lack thereof, at the dentist’s office.

Mama Joyce Still Can’t Stand Todd Or His Mama

Mama Joyce has never been a ball of sunshine, but I think we can all admit that she looks great these days. While she is looking lean and lovely, she’s still pretty curmudgeon when it comes to her facial expressions. After being shown a home with seven bedrooms, Mama Joyce is pleased (despite her facial expression not changing). When mother and daughter sit down to chat about Mama Joyce possibly living down the street from Kandi and Todd, Kandi speaks about their struggle to have a baby. Mama Joyce immediately throws shade: “Didn’t Todd have a vasectomy? I guess I dreamed that he had a vasectomy.” And when she is asked to apologize to Todd’s mother, Sharon, for calling her a “prostitute” and a few other really mean things in the past, Mama Joyce makes it clear that she isn’t apologizing until Sharon apologizes: “She escaped a good butt-whipping.”

Brandon DeShazer Returns To Get Kenya Out Of Her Slump

Last time we saw Brandon, Kenya’s assistant, on RHOA, he was being jumped on by a wild and shirtless Apollo Nida during that lingerie soiree NeNe hosted. But he returns this time around with quite a few jokes to crack, and to help Kenya feel confident again. After getting her hair snatched by Porsha at the reunion, Kenya isn’t feeling her usually shade-throwing, spunky self, and barely wants to leave the house. But with Brandon by her side, he pulls an “Iyanla, Fix My Life” (“Beloved, do you know who you are?!”) and gives her a new theme song (“B***h What?”) that pulls her right out of her funk. Mission accomplished!

NeNe Puts On Her Best Lacefront For Cirque Du Soleil

NeNe Leakes continues to stay focused on her hustle, and that includes her Cirque du Soleil show, Zumanity. We get to see her be quite nervous before the show starts, and we also get to see how she performs on stage, in costume, and in the world’s most interesting lacefront. Folks are topless, kissing on audience members and engaging in pseudo-orgies on stage. Even NeNe gets in on the action, taking a peek at an audience member’s junk. I guess all those nerves went out the window…

Kandi Puts Kenya And Her Lawsuit Against Porsha On Blast At Cynthia’s Party

Cynthia’s party to celebrate her EBONY spread starts off so calm and cool. Everyone is dressed to the nines, including Cynthia and Peter, who look amazing. But when Kenya and Cynthia Jordan show up, Kandi starts interrogating Kenya about the way she handled her fight with Porsha–and it’s hilarious. From asking Kenya if she had spoken to Porsha, rolling her eyes at Kenya saying she was attacked by Porsha and basically saying Kenya deserved the hair-dragging she got, Kandi is clearly #TeamPorsha all the way, which makes Kenya very uncomfortable…

Apollo Shows Up To Apologize…To Kenya?

But nothing makes Kenya Moore more uncomfortable than to see Apollo Nida arrive at the party. I guess we can all see how Apollo spent his last few weeks free…But anywho: Kenya exits stage left with Claudia Jordan (her first appearance) to go freak out in the bathroom (and Claudia went on to shade the hell out of Apollo, making sure her social security card was still in her purse and everything). Eventually, she comes back out to say that she’s leaving. But Apollo follows her outside where he apologizes for his treatment of Kenya all this time. But what was he specifically apologizing for? Turns out, he lied to Phaedra and the world about Kenya supposedly offering to give him fellatio. But that’s not the only thing he lied about…

Apollo Admits That He’s Lied About Damn Near Everything, Kenya Feels Vindicated

Kenya wants Apollo to be specific about all the lies he’s told, and when he doesn’t want to rehash all of that, Kenya spazzes on him and he calls her an a**hole. As Kenya waits on her Bentley, Cynthia goes back in and tells everyone in her party what happened, specifically that Apollo admitted that he lied on Kenya about that whole blow job story. Pissed off and feeling like she doesn’t know him anymore, Kandi goes and confronts Apollo, and he admits in an aloof way that he has lied for years: “I’m not perfect.” Everyone who believed that Kenya was after him and that she was a “hoe,” including Kandi, Todd and Peter, all feel blindsided and shocked. Apollo eventually returns outside to apologize for calling Kenya an a**hole, and admits to the world that the ENTIRE story about Kenya trying to get at him in L.A. never happened. They never encountered each other there, and yes, Apollo lied to his wife, Phaedra. After shedding a tear (yeah right…), Kenya gives quite the grin and says that while she feels vindicated by Apollo admitting the truth, she won’t truly feel vindicated until Phaedra apologizes for calling her a “wh*re” and believing Apollo’s lies…Good luck getting that apology, sis.

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