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After you tie the knot, you’re not only married to your spouse but you’re married to his or her family as well. Sometimes that’s a great thing, and sometimes it’s not. Many people have butted heads with their in-laws and these celebrities are no exception.

Jay Z

Before he married Beyonce, Jay Z didn’t have the best reputation. He was a former drug dealer turned rapper who made millions and bedded a lot of women along the way. So Beyonce’s family was a little wary of him and rightfully so. Papa Matthew Knowles especially didn’t get along with Hova at first. And who could forget when his sister-in-law Solange karate kicked him on the elevator a few months ago. Ironically, now Matthew is the one on the outskirts of his family and he can thank his cheating ways for that.

Kanye West

Even though Kim Kardashian landed the golden goose when she got with Kanye West, behind closed doors there was a lot of tension between West and his future in-laws, specifically Mama Kris. Before Yeezy came along, Kris Jenner was the master puppeteer behind the scenes orchestrating every move in Kim Kardashian’s career. But after she got with the Chicago producer/rapper, he wanted to be the one in charge and had different plans for his future bride. That didn’t sit too well with Jenner.

Apryl Jones

She may not be married yet but Apryl Jones is already having problems with her future mother-in-law. We were introduced to a very pregnant Apryl in the reality show “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” and although her time and energy should’ve went to preparing for her brand new baby, instead she was stressing out. Omarion’s mother has made her disdain for Apryl well known and it’s become very clear that she doesn’t like the fact that she in no longer the main priority in her R&B singing son’s life.

Todd Tucker

Before Todd Tucker even married Kandi Burruss, he was having issues with her mother Mama Joyce. And viewers of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” watched Mama Joyce give Tucker a hard time because she suddenly didn’t approve of their relationship. And he’s not the only one in the family that Mama Joyce doesn’t get along with. She also has a problem with his own mother and the two women have argued and almost came to blows when the cameras were rolling.

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Pilar Sanders

Deion Sanders went through a very public and nasty divorce and custody battle with his ex-wife Pilar Sanders. And things were made worse when family members got involved. The Sanders made headlines back in 2012 when the police were called to break up a fight between Pilar and Deion’s aunt Laura Jones. Deion’s aunt admitted to grabbing Pilar’s hair and pounding her in the face after she brushed up against Jones. But because Pilar was brandishing a knife and refused to put it down even after the police came, she was the one hauled off in handcuffs.

Daniel “Boobie” Gibson

When Keyshia Cole finally decided to settle down with Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, many of her fans were happy for the R&B singer. But behind closed doors, Gibson had a hard time trying to convince Cole’s family that he was the right one for her. They had a hard time accepting him especially after Cole decided to distance herself from everyone and focus all of her time and energy towards her new family. The couple has gone their separate ways and Cole is set to star in a new reality show that focuses on being a newly single mom and deal with some family issues that were never resolved.

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Chrissy Lampkin

Chrissy Lampkin’s bold and brassy personality was on display in the first season of “Love & Hip Hop.” She was the longtime girlfriend turned fiancée of rapper Jim Jones but his mother wasn’t too happy about Chrissy joining the family. She even recorded a diss track aimed at the “We Fly High” rapper’s boo. Despite the bad blood between the two, Chrissy was determined to make nice with her future mother-in-law.

Kris Humphries

Before he married Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries should’ve known what he was getting in to. The mega reality star is a package deal because she comes from a big family. Cameras followed Kim and Kris throughout their courtship as part of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and viewers watched as both sisters Khloe and Kourtney used to tease the NBA baller in front of his face and behind his back calling him a doofus and questioning his intelligence.

Tom Cruise

Sure Tom Cruise is a well-known movie star with lots of money and millions of screaming fans but Katie Holmes’ family wasn’t convinced he was the right man for her. They called into question their 17-year age gap and his devotion to Scientology. But he married the “Dawson’s Creek” star anyway. When Holmes was ready to pull the plug on their five-year marriage, she secretly conferred with her father, who is a lawyer, and they mapped out her surprise escape plan.

Vanessa Bryant

When a young Kobe Bryant was drafted out of high school and right into the NBA by the Los Angeles Lakers, he moved his family to Tinsel Town for moral support. His parents were with him every step of the way ready to offer guidance and advice but after he met his soon-to-be wife Vanessa, he stopped asking for their opinion. That’s because they didn’t approve of her and thought she was only after the NBA superstar because of his money.

Gordon Ramsey

They always say it’s bad to mix business with family and Gordon Ramsey could attest to that. The famously screaming and cursing chef was embroiled in a feud with his father-in-law over some business deals gone wrong. Ramsey first got into business with Chris Hutcheson after he tied the knot in 1996. But in 2010, Ramsey started investigating loans Hutcheson was taking from the company in 2010 with the help of a private detective and discovered his father-in-law was living a double life with a mistress and two children. Needless to say, their relationship hasn’t been the same since.

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