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Periods are a major hassle that get in the way of our sex life, those skinny jeans we wanted to wear, and any chance we hve of being in a good enough mood to handle that annoying coworker on our last nerves. Because of this, we all pretty much just grit our teeth and wait for Aunt Flo to pack her bags, but there are some things you should actually know about your period to help you handle that special monthly gift.

Your periods might be easier after having children

A common cause of menstrual pain is having never given birth. Some women experience less painful periods after becoming a mother.









Only 70% of women use tampons

If you prefer to just use pads and aren’t comfortable inserting tampons, you’re not the only one! Around 30% of women never use tampons.









You’ll spend this many days menstruating

3,500 days in your life time—approximately.











The jury is still out on period syncing

You may have experienced, when living with other women, that you all began to get your periods at the same time. However, research is still inconclusive on whether or not there is any biological truth behind this or if it’s just coincidence.









You keep way more eggs than you let go of

A woman is born with around 2 million eggs, and over her lifetime that number goes down to around 40,000. However, through menstruation you’ll only lose about 500 eggs your entire life.

You can get pregnant on your period

So still use some form of protection if you and your partner do the deed while you’re menstruating!









You release very little blood

Even though it seems like you’re trying to stop a broken dam sometimes, during a regular period most women actually only release 2 to 4 tablespoons of blood. Even those with a heavy flow.










In some cultures, menstruation is limiting

In certain religious cultures, a woman isn’t allowed to perform some religious duties during menstruation.









Medication can cause irregular periods

Certain medications prescribed by a psychologist, like those used to treat bipolar disorder, disorderly thoughts or schizophrenia, can cause irregular periods.


Hypothyroidism can cause all sorts of issues

Hypothyroidism can cause irregular periods, spotting, and lengthy or particularly heavy periods.













You’re hot when you’re ovulating

Studies have found that men experience higher levels of testosterone when in the presence of a woman who is ovulating.








You crave sex on your period

It’s no myth that women want to have sex more than usual on their period. The hormone that decreases your libido is lowered during menstruation, making you feel particularly frisky.









Everyone has his or her own opinion on period sex

You’re not strange for wanting to have sex on your period, nor are you difficult if you’d rather not and your guy is rearing to go. And as a matter of fact, men are very split on their preference to have or not have sex when their partner is menstruating. You can feel whatever you want to feel about it.

Always is a brave brand

Always was the first brand to show blood on their products in a pad commercial, instead of the usual blue liquid. But, the movement didn’t last and you’ll still mostly see blue liquid in ads.







Smoking can kill your eggs

Cigarettes can kill your eggs and cause you to stop menstruating prematurely. So just say no.

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