What The First Date Restaurant He Chooses Says About Him

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Guys put a lot of thought into the restaurant they take you to on a first date (or they don’t, which tells you a lot about them as well.) With their first date choice they’re either trying to tell you who they are, or bring out who you really are. Either way, the first date location is usually a test for you, or a display for you. Here are 15 different types of restaurants a guy could choose to take you to on a first date and what they say about him.

You have to wait in line for an hour

He’s an adventurer and he is patient. He could have stuck to a place that would take a reservation, but instead he’d rather wait in line at a place that’s supposed to be worth the wait. Keep in mind that he’s also testing your patience here!



The servers don’t speak English

He took you here just to show off that he speaks French/Spanish/Russian.


It’s a hole in the wall but it’s delicious

He patronizes small businesses that he believes in! That’s admirable! But keep in mind that if you want to be treated like a princess, this won’t be your guy.

It’s charmless but it’s his favorite place

There is really nothing that saves face about the place—it’s a hole in the wall that is not particularly good. But he takes you there because it has the burger he is craving. Selfish!

It’s a chain

He might be slightly unimaginative! Hey, there is nothing wrong with California Pizza Kitchen or Chipotle, but on the first date he should use his imagination a little bit. Does he really have no preference in restaurant besides the ones corporate America shoves in his face?

It’s a tapas bar

He likes to bond over shared experiences—he wants to try every food you try and he wants you to try every food he tries. He’s also not a very big eater because you know you never get enough food at tapas restaurants.


It’s a gastro pub

He’s a little bit of a “guy’s guy” but he also has a sophisticated side. He can appreciate inventive recipes, and nice décor.













It’s really just a bar that happens to have food

He spends all of his time at bars if the only place he could think of to bring you to eat was a bar with food.







His friends work there

He is either trying to save money because his friends give him their employee discount, or he is a huger social butterfly—he wanted to find some way to have his friends at his date.










He knows the chef

He is either A) trying to show off about how well known he is around town or B) He really likes you! It’s a treat to eat where you know the chef; you usually get some free drinks and off the menu items.







It’s over priced

He is either trying to show off or he doesn’t know how to discern whether or not a restaurant is good other than knowing how expensive it is.

It’s a shared table place

He is trying to see how you act around new people, in social situations, and in a “non-conventional” date.

You don’t know what anything is on the menu

You might be on a date with somebody who is a little bit showy. If it’s foreign, or trendy, he likes it for that reason alone.



Everything is fatty, cheesy and meaty

He’s testing you! He wants to see if you can roll with the punches and won’t have a bunch of difficult dietary restrictions. He also might have heart problems in the future.





You sit on the floor and drink tea

He is either really into a spiritual, yogic lifestyle or he wants you to believe he is really into a spiritual, yogic lifestyle. Either one might be annoying.

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