For The Unaffectionate Type: 11 Ways To Make Him Feel Special

September 24, 2014  |  
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Some women know exactly what to say and do to make a man feel special. They’re comfortable being affectionate and have no problem expressing themselves. Then there are others who can barely muster up enough affection to hold their man’s hand in public. I know it sounds crazy to the hopeless romantic, but being affectionate is a difficult task for some. It doesn’t mean they’re not in love, it simply means they don’t know how to express it.

Showing affection doesn’t mean you have to create pet names, show tons of PDA, or compliment your man in every other sentence that comes out of your mouth; but there are some things that you, the non-affectionate woman, can do to let your man know that you care that won’t take you too far out of your comfort zone.



Say It With A Card

Maybe you’re not good with words. Let Hallmark say it for you. It doesn’t have to be his birthday or a special occasion to present him with a card. It’s simple and inexpensive, but if you find the right card that says exactly how you feel it will at least let him know you care.


Put It In A Love Song

There really is a song for everything. If you love his smile, give him a snippet of Shanice. If you’re are deeply in love with him, let Beyoncé tell him just how dangerously in love you are. The beauty in saying how you feel with a song is that if he’s really into you too, every time he hears the song he’ll think of you. And yes, carefully thought-out mixtapes are still appreciated and acceptable as a gift in this day and age.


Compliment Him

Most women enjoy being showered with compliments–in moderation of course, but men like them just as much. If he smells good, let him know. If he looks exceptionally nice one day (or night), tell him. Don’t forget to remind him of all the reasons you like him.


Take Him On A Date

Plan a date at his favorite spot. Make it all about him. If he’s a good man, he’s usually the one who treats you, but you should also ‘take him out’ from time to time.  It could be a sports bar, his favorite restaurant, or chilling at home playing video games.


Show Interest

Asking him questions about his day, how he’s feeling and more will let him know that you care. Don’t assume that he always has a good day or is in a good mood. Ask him questions, but don’t overdo it because some men don’t like to talk as much as we do. Still, everyone wants to know that someone is interested and concerned about how they’re feeling.

Send an “I Love You Text”

If you don’t tell him often how much you love or appreciate him, send him a text message when he least expects it telling him just that. It’s a small gesture that will go a long way.

Make Him His Favorite Meal

If you cook already then this may not apply, but for those of us who don’t frequent the kitchen, your man will probably appreciate this gesture. Find out what his favorite foods are and surprise him by cooking him one of his favorite meals.

Touch Him

Sounds simple enough, but for some women, it’s not. A quick but gentle touch on the hand or shoulder out in public can let him know that you’re into him without doing too much.

When you’re asking him a question or giving him a compliment, reinforce it with a touch.


Buy Tickets To The Game

He loves football, but you don’t. He can watch basketball for hours while you’d rather not. But sometimes in love you have to do things you’re not crazy about to make the person you’re crazy about happy. How about buying him tickets to a game? And better yet, go with him, without complaining! Asking him questions about his interests is important, but showing him that you’re down to at least try the things he’s interested in is even better.



Run Him a Bath

Although showers may be his first choice when it comes to keeping clean, surprise him with a bath after he’s been at work all day. Run his water and set the mood with candles before he gets home from work. This can work whether you live together or apart. If you live in separate homes, tell him to come over right after work. And if you really want to make him happy, join him for the bath…


Simply Cuddle While Watching TV

Cuddling for an unaffectionate woman can be one of the most awkward things. If you’re the type who barely gives out hugs, laying under your man while the two of you are watching television may be difficult at first, but it’s a surefire way to show him that you enjoy his company. So the next time you’re sitting and relaxing, just get close to him and cuddle without saying anything. He will appreciate the affection.

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