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A-list celebrities are surrounded by bodyguards, stylists, personal chefs and assistants. And you’d be surprised how often celebrities caught cheating are found doing it with their support staff — sometimes right under their spouses noses. These celebrities not only cheated, but some of them didn’t even bother to leave the house to do it.

Heidi Klum

Bodyguards are a necessary part of A-list celebrity life. But Martin Kristen was giving Heidi more than protection from the stans. In 2012, Seal leaked that the reason for their divorce was that Heidi was “fornicating with the help,” but Heidi says she started sleeping with her bodyguard only after the two split.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Not only did Arnold sleep with his kids’ nanny but he had a secret love child with her. Joseph Baena was born just one week after his wife Maria Shriver gave birth to his first son Christopher Schwarzenegger.

Jude Law

Jude Law got caught cheating with the nanny Daisy Wright when one of his kids walked in on him in bed with her back in 2005. When Jude’s son finally told his mother Sienna Miller, the marriage was immediately over.

Stephon Marbury

Not all celebrities caught cheating with the help end up getting divorced. Tasha Marbury was so embarrassed to find that her husband Stephon was sleeping with their personal chef Thurayyah Mitchell that she paid her hush money to keep quiet about the affair. Unfortunately, when the checks stopped coming, Thurayya spilled the beans – just in time to embarrass Tasha Marbury on her debut season on Basketball Wives.

Ethan Hawke

With all of the celebrities caught cheating with nannies, we’re not sure why more nannies aren’t men. We’re sure Uma Thurman was thinking the same thing when she caught her husband Ethan Hawke in bed with theirs.

Jon Gosselin

Unfortunately, when you have eight kids there’s no getting out of needing a nanny. And Jon and Kate Plus Eight star Jon Gosselin was inviting their babysitter Stephanie Santoro over when the kids were out. Santoro told In Touch Magazine about their longstanding affair after Kate had filed for divorce, but it did ruin his relationship with his girlfriend Hailey Glassman.

Mick Jagger

Just hours after model Jerry Hall hired nanny Claire to wach their kids, Mick Jagger was having sex with her on the kitchen counter while Hall slept in the next room.

Peter Cook

Not only did Peter Cook cheat on Christie Brinkley with their 19-year-old nanny, he blamed Christie for the affair saying that if she had slept with him more he wouldn’t have diddled the babysitter.

Bill Clinton

We’re not sure if interns count as the help, but we’re sure that what Bill did with Monica Lewinsky counts as cheating. Lucky for Bill, his marriage to Hillary was strong enough to survive his highly public infidelity.

Anne Heche

Back in 2000, Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeners didn’t have a nanny. So Anne cheated with her cameraman Coley Laffoon (and then cheated on him with her “Men in Trees” co-star James Tupper).

Britney Spears

Why did Justin Timberlake want Britney Spears to “Cry Me a River?” Rumor has it that it was because Britney Spears added herself to the list of celebrities caught cheating when she stepped out on Justin with her choreographer Wade Robinson.

The Dream

The paparazzi caught Christina Millian’s husband The Dream frolicking in the Caribbean with his production assistant Melissa Santiago less than a year after they eloped.

Tiger Woods

Waitress Jaimee Grubbs was just one of the dozens of women Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegren with. But lucky for Tiger, his wife was the only one who wanted revenge.


What made Ciara leave her fiancée Future just three months after having his baby? Finding out he was having an ongoing affair with his stylist and personal shopper Tyrina Lee.

John Edwards

Former presidential hopeful John Edwards had to retire from politics after he was caught cheating with his videographer Reille Hunter — while his wife was dying of breast cancer.

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