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You’re never really single as long as your BFF is around. You go on dates, know you’re soul mates who are in it to the very end, and deep down you know that while relationships are great, sometimes BFFs are better.

It Was Love At First Sight

From the very first time you hung out, you knew you were going to have a roll dog for life.

People Only Think About You As A Pair

You know you’re officially a friendship couple when people only say your names together. And on the rare occasions when only one of you is around, the first people want to know is where your other half is gone.

You Look Like A Couple on Instagram

Go to either of your pages and it’s a sea of photos of mostly the two of you. Most married couples have nothing on your Instagram game.

People Sort of Think You’re A Couple

Having to convince people that you’re not gay is one of the sure fire signs that you have a best friend for life. That’s because you really are a couple, just without the sex.

You’ve Reached the Comfort Zone

It’s the mark of any good long term relationship. You know each other’s dirty secrets, you burp unapologetically and hang out without bras with your du-rags on.

“Friend” Just Doesn’t Seem to Cut It

You call her twin, people think you’re sisters. Whatever the lable, you’re closer than most.

She’s The Person You Take To Major Events

At office parties, work events and even Thanksgiving dinner, she’s usually your +1. And like a married couple, you don’t even get two invitations anymore. People know if they tell one of you to come the other will show up too.

You Can Communicate Without Speaking

They say that soulmates can read each other like an open book. One raised eyebrow from across the room can send either of you busting out laughing.

You Pay for Each Other’s Meals

Like anyone in a real relationship, you stopped splitting checks a long time ago. You got drinks on Saturday, she’ll pick up brunch on Sunday morning.


You secretly get a little bit jealous when she hangs out with other people without you. You’ll get over it, but you’ll keep your eye on the new girl for a while.

You Talk All the Time

You’ve texted her before work, talked to her on your lunch break and Facebook chat before you go to bed — and somehow you still never run out of stuff to talk about.

You Just Assume You’re Hanging Out

You don’t even ask her if she wants to go anymore. You just tell her the weekend plans or just wait for her to show up with ice cream and DVDs ’cause she already knows.

Your Significant Other Is Jealous

But he knows that you two are sort of a package deal.

You’ve Broken Up

You said some ugly things, stopped talking and she had to come and get her stuff. And when you were done being mad, you shed some tears.

You Know You’ll Be Together Forever

Which is more than you can say about the guys you’re dating. But that’s cool. As long as you’ve got you’re rock, it’s easier to take the time to be choosy about “the one.”

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