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Ever wonder why celebrities agree to do sex tapes? Or pretend that they’re leaked but never sue to get them taken down. Most of the time it’s all about the money. These days, a celebrity sex tape can earn you a decent chunk of change — but is it ever enough?

Farrah Abraham

How much baby formula will $1.5 million buy? That’s how much Teen Mom star Farrah Abram was reportedly paid for her sex tape Back Door Teen Mom. And that’s just on the front end. Farrah also gets 30% of the tapes profits which is around $60,000 a month.

Mimi and Nikko

Love and Hip Hop stars Mimi and Nikko got paid $100K for their sex tape Scandal in Atlanta by Vivid Entertainment. We don’t know the exact percentage these two negotiated on sales but whatever it is, they’re likely raking in big bucks on this big seller.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

The Kardashians built most of their empire on the Kim Kardashian’s sex tape so you could say that it’s priceless. But in concrete dollars and cents, Kim Kardashian was paid $500K up front for the 2007 film and has earned over $50 million since.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Pamela and Tommy successfully sued the porn company that distributed their leaked sex tape. When the dust from the suit finally settled they’d won $740K for their trouble plus a hefty percentage of the $77 million that the tape was sold for.

Paris Hilton

Sometimes even a huge sex tape pay day can backfire. Socialite Paris Hilton was paid over $13 million for her 2004 sex tape One Night In Paris. But her family was so embrrassed that they cut her out of her $4.3 billion inheritance.

Montana Fishburne

Not everyone gets a good deal on their sex tape. Montana says she was promised $125,000 up front and 25% of the profits of her sex tape. But an Insider revealed that “Lawrence Fishburne’s daughter got burned really, really bad. She got $60,000 dollars and never saw another penny.”

Verne Troyer

We were all shocked when Austin Powers star Verne Troyer revealed that he had a sex tape with his girlfriend. Long after the tape was released, he revealed that he only made the tape to earn the $200K that he owed the states of California and Michigan in back taxes.

Kendra Wilkinson

The Girls Next Door Star Kendra Wilkinson filmed her sex tape when she was just 18 and several years before she moved into the Playboy mansion.

After she was famous, she sold the tape to Vivid for $680,000 up front and half of the profits. And considering that Kendra’s is the best selling celebrity sex tape of all time, that adds up to a lot of zeros.

Fred Durst

Sometimes it pays better to profit from a leaked sex tape. Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst’s was leaked back in 2004. When Gawker magazine posted several clips, he tried to sue them for $80 million. But Gawker got word of the suit before the papers were filed and they took the clips down ASAP and Fred got nothing.

Danielle Staub

Former Real Housewife of the OC Danielle Staub sold a sex tape she made with her then-husband in 2010. Unfortunately, she didn’t have his permission to release the tape he says he didn’t even know was being filmed. He successfully sued her for half of the $200K Danielle made off of the video.

Stevie J and Joseline

Apparently Stevie J and Joseline were offered the same deal as Mimi and Nikko London. But Stevie J turned it down saying he wouldn’t take it off for less than $5 million up front.

Kim and Ray J’s Second Sex Tape

Rumor has it that there’s a second Kim and Ray J sex tape. An insider told the Daily Star: “It’s definitely Kim in the video. And it’s even raunchier than her last one. There are all kinds of eye-popping moments.”

If the buzz is correct, Kim and Ray are currently shopping it around for between $19 and $30 million up front.

Kanye and the Other Kim

Kim isn’t the only one with multiple sex tapes. When word hit the street that Kanye starred in a sex tape with a Kim Kardashian look-alike, the bidding started almost immediately. The current high number is $1 million but we imagine it’s going to go way up from there.

Nadya Suleman

The world found out how much Octomom made for her solo sex tape when she was sued for welfare fraud. Apparently Octomom forgot to disclose the $25K she earned from the flick when she was applying for government support.

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