15 Photos Women Need To Stop Posting Right Now

June 24, 2014  |  
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Whether you’re driving other women crazy, promoting stereotypes, scaring away men or even damaging someone’s self-esteem, ladies please stop posting these awful photos to social media.


“I look fat…” (but my boobs look huge)

The low-cut t-shirt, bent over the sink, cleavage up to your neck photo with the caption, “I look fat (sad face emoticon here).” Oh please—as if anyone is thinking about anything other than your gorging breasts.


“Look at my workout progress”

Translation: look at me in a bra and underwear, or shoving my butt in the camera, and pretending I’m not trying to get any sort of sexual attention—I’m just so dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. Sure.


The “here goes nothing while I take seven shots” photo

If you post a real-time photo of you drinking a bunch of alcohol, get ready for creepy guys to come to the bar you checked in at, or at the very least your horny ex to text you. Hey, they know you’re loose and liquored up now.

You and your boyfriend being totally “goofy”

The image of the two of you making wacky faces, trying to say, “See—we’re a cool couple. We’re not one of those couples who posts sappy photos of us kissing that make everybody jealous.” Yeah but…you’re still posting a dozen photos of the two of you. We see right through what you’re doing.


The kissing selfie

On that last note, please stop posting photos of you and your boyfriend kissing. Why would anyone want to see that? TELL ME WHY!


“Pigging out”

The photo of your burger and onions rings and milkshake with the caption “pigging out.” Keep in mind that to some women, they don’t feel like they’re “pigging out” if they eat that—they don’t associate all the negative things you do with indulgent meals. So don’t project that onto others.


Your kale beet tofu extravaganza

The opposite of the last photo is a problem too. When you post a photo of the garden you’re eating for dinner, you’re pretending that’s how you eat all the time. And you’re making the women enjoying their burger feel bad.


Every time you make it onto a red carpet

You’re probably not even in the slightest way famous—you were probably invited to some makeup launch party to fill up seats—but you find your way onto a lot of pseudo red carpets, and document it every time and either over-hype the occasion of play faux humble like you really didn’t want to post the shot you spent 20 mins cropping and filtering.


“Look, I’m at a pool!”

When did it become such a huge deal to simply be at a pool? You can walk into your neighborhood hotel pool almost whenever you want. And if you’re at some celebrity DJ pool party, it’s probably because they needed girls to fill up the water and not because you know the owner of that pool. We all know what pools look like: enough already!


The sleepy selfie

Please stop putting on makeup, tousling your hair, lying in bed with the lighting just right and pretending you “just woke up” and took that selfie.


“Look, dogs like me!”

If you have a dog, that’s one thing. But too many women post pictures of themselves playing with somebody else’s dog, or some random dog sitting by them at a café. Playing with a dog one time and documenting it does not an animal lover make.


Stop pretending you post the duckface photo to “make fun of” the duckface. You know that face still makes you look like a porn star and pretty hot, so it’s a vanity photo nonetheless, pretending to be a goofy one.


Selfies in the car

Seriously now? You’re so vein that you couldn’t even wait to get from point A to point B to snap another selfie?


A dozen photos, all almost identical

You might notice the difference between the photo in which you’re facing the camera directly and the one in which you’re turned slightly to the side and the one in which your eyes are closed just a little more…but nobody else does. We’re bored now.

Showing off your “sunburn”

As a means to almost flash us, you pretend to be complaining about your sunburn. That just happens to involve a photo of you almost completely removing your bikini top to show that.

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