15 Scary (But True) Facts About Sex

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Go to the doctor regularly and get really comfortable in your skin because these scary facts about sex can’t be changed!






You won’t notice if he smells

All the chemical changes that happen within our bodies while we are aroused keep us from being able to smell much, including any funky smells coming from our partner!

We’re less straight than we think

Studies have found that many women who reported being entirely straight actually underwent all the physical symptoms of being sexually aroused when viewing photos of naked women. That’s not that scary though—women are beautiful! Can you blame them?


There is a correlation between wealth and sex

One study found that households in which the couple has sex four times a week or more tend to earn more income than households that have less sex. More sex doesn’t necessarily mean more money, but people who have more sex are probably people who have more energy, higher levels of happiness and therefore higher ambitions.

Men with two members are not a myth

It’s called diphallus and it’s a condition that affects about 1 in 6 million men. Typically, only one of the penises functions.


Orgasms can make you needy

When a woman orgasms, her body released a chemical that makes her feel more attached to the person who gave her that orgasm.

The male member might have been spiked

Some studies speculate that long, loooong ago (before the Neanderthals) the male member might have had small spikes on it, said to quicken arousal.




Richer guys might like smaller boobs

In one study, hundreds of men were shown pictures of women with varying sizes of breasts. In general, poorer men preferred larger breasts and wealthy men preferred smaller breasts. This could be because a larger bosom carries a sense of comfort for a man (like mother’s bosom), and comfort is something poor men usually need more than rich men.



Hungry guys like bigger boobs

In the same group of studies that found richer men prefer smaller boobs, it was also discovered that hungry men prefer larger boobs.





Your uterus moves for sex

The average vagina is about 3 inches in length, but during sex the uterus will move up to make more room for your partner to enter.





You can hurt yourself during sex and not notice…until later

A woman’s pain threshold becomes much higher during sex, which is why we don’t mind having our hair pulled as much as we would in ordinary life. But this is also why you might ask your guy to bite you a little too hard and have big bite marks the next day!


Kids are having sex younger

Studies are showing that teenagers are having sex younger and younger with each generation. The average age for virginity loss is 17.


You’re not very alert after an orgasm

The part of a woman’s brain responsible for fear and anxiety shuts down after an orgasm, so you’re far less alert and less in control of your body.

Your guy has morning wood because he has to pee

Ever noticed how men tend to wake up rearing to go? That’s actually because, during sex, a chemical is released that makes the bladder essentially hold itself (so your partner doesn’t pee inside you!) so often, when a man needs to pee and is in a situation where he can’t (like asleep) that same chemical will be released and his member will be confused thinking it’s time for sex.

Men have erections from the first moment of life…literally

Studies have shown that a male fetus is capable of having an erection!

Fatter men last longer

One study found that larger men tend to last an average of 7 minutes and 18 seconds, meanwhile slender men last on average around 108 seconds! This could be because heavyset men carry more of the female hormones that slow one down from orgasming.

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