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No one goes through life without having to deal with some sort of insecurity. As much as we like to think that we’re tough women who can handle anything that comes our way, there are plenty of things that get under our skin that, more often than not, lead to insecurities and self-doubts. Here are some insecurities that all women have at one time or another and how to fight them off for good.

Physical appearance

If there is one insecurity that all women have had to deal with at some time in their lives, it’s negative thoughts about their physical appearance. Women are notorious for feeling insecure about their bodies, from the overall look of them to specific body parts, such as having “too wide” hips or too small breasts.

The remedy: Love yourself

Surely we can all improve our physical appearance in some way or another, but the fact is that in order to make these insecurities go away, you’ll have to start loving yourself for who you are now. No matter if you’re 5’3 or 6’3, and no matter if you weigh 120lbs or 250lbs, accepting and loving who you are as a woman is important. Feel free to improve yourself but don’t do so in the name of insecurity.


We all want to be able to retain our youthful looks, and nowadays there are all sorts of products out there that promise to be the key to staying forever youthful. Getting older, and dealing with the side-effects of getting older, are huge insecurities for most women. Staying young is important and we tend to lose confidence once the signs of aging set in.

The remedy: Don’t fear the inevitable

Nothing will ever change the fact you either die or get old. As each day passes, we’re getting older, but older doesn’t meanbecomming less beautiful or less attractive. Instead of fearing aging and being insecure about it, embrace it. Sure you’re getting older, but you’re also getting wiser, i.e., better. Take good care of yourself. Eat healthily and exercise, and you’ll notice less drastic effects of aging.

Other women when in a relationship

It’s impossible and silly to think that a man doesn’t have female friends that he is close to, and it’s also pretty impossible to think that women don’t see or talk to your man. Other women tend to stir up insecurities in women who are in relationships because of the (real or imagined) threat that these women could put your relationship in jeopardy.

The remedy: Trust your man

Having insecurities about other women when you’re in a relationship has to do with a lack of trust as well as boundaries. Trust your man, and believe him when he says he’s in a relationship with you and only wants to be with you. While other women may look and talk to him, it’s mere conversation, not an attempt to toss you out and find someone new. At the same time, setting some boundaries regarding the opposite sex can also reel back in some of your insecurities.

Being used

Dating is tough in itself, but dating can become even harder with the thought that there are some men out there who are just looking to use a woman and move on to another one. The thought of being used, either for sex, money, or company, can create all sorts of insecurities and self-doubts, which in turn makes dating even harder. It’s a vicious cycle, especially if you do have to deal with being played.

The remedy: Be wise about dating

Though it’s hard to completely avoid players and jerks, being wise about who you date is a good way to weed out some of those men who are looking to use you. Know what you want in a man and always have your eyes and ears open for red flags. If something doesn’t seem right, or if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Satisfaction in the bedroom

Sex isn’t everything, but a good majority of women pride themselves on being able to please their man in bed. Performance anxiety in the bedroom is often the result of insecurities which stem from body image issues.

The remdy: Talk it out

If you are suffering from performance anxiety and if you’ve noticed that you and your man’s life in the bedroom is on the decline, the best thing you can do is to talk about it. Approach the topic in a sensitive way and talk about your insecurities and figure out ways to get the fireworks going again. Holding these types of insecurities in will only eat at you and the relationship.


Dating is hard, but having to deal with the possibility of rejection is even harder. Fearing rejection is a common insecurity that a lot of women who are active in the dating scene have to deal with. To make matters worse, being rejected tends to create even more insecurities, especially physical ones. This creates a never-ending circle of insecurity upon insecurity.

The remedy: Don’t take it personally

It’s likely that you’ve been rejected by a man before or that you will face rejection one day. The important thing is that you don’t take the rejection personally. Though it’ll be hard not to take it to heart, it’s important that you realize that it isn’t your fault that he didn’t call. Not all matches work out and not all dates are promises of many more to come.


Though this type of insecurity definitely isn’t as prevalent as those relating to body issues, there are plenty of women out there who are insecure about their personalities. Maybe you wish you were able to crack jokes in the middle of a conversation or maybe you wish you weren’t so shy and reserved. Being insecure about who you are as a person is common.

The remedy: Accept you for you

Before anyone else, including a man, will accept who you are, you’ll have to accept yourself. So what if your sense of humor isn’t on par with some other women, and so what if you’re a little bit on the quiet side. Love you for who you are and don’t compare yourself to others or try to be someone you aren’t. The true you is the best you.

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