Acid Wash & Half Shaved Heads: 14 Trends That Surprisingly Came Back

April 21, 2014  |  
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Fashion can seesaw across timelines.  One year something is lauded and can be seen on all streets, and the next we’re all laughing at our old pictures saying:  “I can’t believe I used to wear that!”  But the times of quickly throwing old trends away seem to be gone now, because trends that we thought were gone (like the half-shaved head), were more like that cat that wouldn’t stay away.  So before you throw out your Esprit, stirrup jeans, and shoulder pads, let’s check out the trends that came back:


Acid Wash Jeans

Being a child in the ’80’s, I was all too familiar with acid wash jeans, and wore them proudly.  So it was a shock to me when after years of people saying:  “How could we?!”  They are now back rocking the trend.


High Top Fades

I honestly thought that once Kid lost his, the trend was gone forever.  But, it came back and even Erykah Badu is rocking one.




Jelly Sandals

You would think that anything that was good enough for Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski would stay in style forever.  But, in the ’90’s people stopped wearing these versatile sandals… until they started making a comeback on IG fashion sites recently.



Floral Print Baby Doll Dresses

I was ALL about the baby doll dresses in elementary school, and part of me is excited that they’re coming back.  Thanks for helping the cause, Young Thug!


Mod Inspired Looks

The look that was born on London’s Carnaby Street in the 60s had sort of a rebirth with Moschino when they premiered Mod inspired items with a pop of color in 2012.




You couldn’t tell me NOTHING when I was wearing my overalls with my lime green v-neck top!  I KNEW I was doing something!  Now that the trend is back… hmmm…



Jean Catsuits

Girls in my high school wore their jean catsuits with PRIDE!  Baby Phat, Apple Bottom, they didn’t care!  After over ten years of being defunct, people are starting to pull them back out from the back of their closets.


Off the Shoulder Shirts

I’m not going to lie, I wear off the shoulder shirts like 70% of the time.  I am too on board with this trend, and if it does go back out of style, I’ll proudly still rock it!

Harem/Parachute/MC Hammer Pants

I thought that this was something that was going to stay in the 90s.  It stayed away for a good minute, until about three or four years ago I remember seeing people wearing them again.




50s Housewives Dresses

Let’s give the credit to “Mad Men,” because after the premiere of the hit show that’s when it seemed like people started back embracing the trend.  Many, many thrift and vintage stores were seeing an increase in sales, thanks to AMC.


Wedge and Platform Sneakers

As a short person I embraced this trend, especially when I went to Six Flags and was still too short to ride certain rides… the shame. I donated many many pairs of wedge and platform sneakers when I entered high school.  Now, I’m just hoping that some lucky person is enjoying them like I did.




Plaid Grunge Shirts

Plaid wasn’t just a trend for lumberjacks.  In Seattle people in Washington embraced the trend, along with the Grunge music movement.  Recently, people have been sporting the button downs with style.



Crop Tops

With the growing fitness movement comes a need for people to want to bare their bellies.  After a little over a decade of people wearing full length shirts, the crop tops began to pop back up.


Oversized Sweaters

On he opposite end of the spectrum, oversize sweaters are making a comeback as well.  Some people wear them as a way to balance out their leggings, comfortable over all.

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