‘He Acted Like A Single Man:’ Mother Of Swizz Beatz’s Daughter, Jahna Sebastian, Offers Clarity On Their Affair

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“Nobody knew about Nicole and I apart from the Home Office and a few close people to me until the right time came, which was after the divorce filing,” she continued. “I’m not saying this to get a pat on the back, I am just telling the truth, that’s my life.”

Since coming forward as Nicole’s mother, Jahna reveals that she has received quite a bit of harsh criticism from people who are unfamiliar with the full story. However, as a South Indian refugee who was forced to flee Russia due to racism and the rising neo-Nazi movement, Jahna says she’s used to being prejudged.

“After 19 years of my life dealing with strangers calling me names accompanied by death threats just because of my skin color in Russia, other things said online seem like nothing. I am my own worst critic anyway. I don’t expect everyone to like me,” she expressed. “If you didn’t look like a white Russian you were under the threat of being beaten up to make you disabled or killed by those racist groups any time of the day or night. So called ‘white patrols’ were coming out on the street chasing every non white person they could see, as they considered them ‘subhuman’ and even white parents of mixed race children were threatened.”

“If some people choose to waste their time on hating for no reason instead of working on fighting their own demons that is their problem and if it bothers them so much, may be they should look into their own unresolved childhood issues they are projecting on others. All the self-proclaimed ‘saints’ on social media hiding behind computer screens don’t really get much ahead by casting stones. Nobody is perfect.”

The Music Business degree holder adds prior to her pregnancy, she was self-sufficient.

“I have always been driven to succeed myself, be able to pay for the lifestyle I want myself and make a change in the world and only after that to find a serious partner in life. I moved to London with one suitcase all alone without any family, found a full-time job working over fifty hours a week while attending Music Production Course in the evenings, I paid my rent and college fees with my salary. I bought a flat in London in cash and set up my own studio where I started recording people, creating a movement all before I got pregnant. I have my own house which I bought in cash, I have a Degree, a child, a business I have been running for many years and a profession that I love and have dedicated most of my life to mastering. Today women have the right to become a president just like men, and I would never be content with being someone’s shadow instead of building up and making big things happen.”

Despite being depicted as a homewrecker who assisted in the deterioration of Swizz’s marriage to Mashonda, the single mothers appear to have connected for the greater good of their children.

“We [Mashonda and I] have been in contact for a few years. She did not know that Nicole and I even existed until July 2009 when she and Swizz got the letter with the news at the same time. It was after some time since the divorce had already been filed for other reasons. She is a great mother and a nice person.”

It looks like everyone was able to make the best out of an extremely tough situation.

Check out Jahna’s latest music video “I Am Free” below.


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