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If you’ve ever spent hours getting ready for a date, walked out the door feeling hot, and gotten a half-sincere, “You look…nice…” from your guy, you might have been wearing one of these items of clothing men will never understand.







Harem Pants

Why would you wear pants that give the illusion that you need room for, um, you know…a part of the male anatomy? These pants take any and all shape away from your butt, calf muscles and hips. And look like they’re about to fall off.

The bandeau

Men can’t quite figure out if this is a bra—and they’re getting a sneak peek at something they shouldn’t—or if it is not a bra. Because admit it: you’ve worn one instead of a bra before, but you’ve also worn one as your top with shorts on a hot day.







Enormous sweaters

As a general rule, men can’t understand why you would make it impossible to determine that you’re a woman underneath your clothes. Didn’t they carry this sweater in your size? On second thought, isn’t that a man’s sweater?


Overall straps are just two more things interfering with a man’s view of your chest. From a man’s perspective, it seems silly you wouldn’t just wear a belt if you have trouble holding your shorts up.





Sweater Vests

They don’t provide warmth because you know you wear them unbuttoned. But you must not be that cold anyways since you’re wearing a tank top or short-sleeved top underneath the vest…Again, this is just another layer getting in the way of them seeing your chest that adds no fashion value.


Cut up t-shirts

Unless you’re dating a guy from the Goth genre, most men don’t understand why you would pay for something that’s been torn up, cut up, and had paint splattered on it.




Leggings under shorts

If you are cold, why are you not just wearing pants? Leggings under shorts just screams, “One more item of clothing to figure out how to remove when I hook up with her!” to guys.






Gladiator sandals

As far as men are concerned, there is only one type of sandal: the flip-flop. Sandals are meant to keep your feet cool, so why would you wear something that exposes your toes to the elements, but wraps up your calf in leather? What are you trying to accomplish as far as climate control goes?


Most men can’t figure out the trend of perfectly sweet, feminine girls wearing sun dresses and…skulls on their scarf/tights/purse. Since when did we all become so morbid?


All this does is cut off your figure. These types of tops interrupt the hourglass shape, and annoy men: they want to see your waist!


French words

Men wear t-shirts depicting bands they love or public figures they admire or funny quotes in their native language. They would never wear one word in a language they don’t even understand. And they certainly wouldn’t wear generic words like “love” or “freedom.”

High-waisted skirt with crop top

So, your stomach was cold so you put on a skirt that goes up above your belly button…or…wait…Your stomach was hot so you put on a top that’s cut just beneath your boobs? Again, this is a climate control confusion.

Furry boots

Unless you live in Alaska or are a professional Go-Go dancer, why would you wear giant, furry boots?

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses, as far as men are concerned, are just butchered summer dresses. They defeat the entire purpose of a summer dress, which is to see those legs!

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