Missing Persons: 13 Famous People Who Went Missing

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Unfortunately there are scores of people who go missing each day. Sometimes they’re found alive and well, other times the outcome isn’t so good. Celebrities have not been immune from disappearing, either. Here are a few famous people who went missing over the years.

Nick Stahl

Actor Nick Stahl became a star at 13 years old but growing up in Hollywood took a toll on the Texas native. He developed a drug addiction and apparently had a habit of disappearing for a couple days at a time. In May 2012, his estranged wife Rose reported him missing and feared he was on a bender at Skid Row. A couple days later Stahl emailed a friend to say he would be checking into rehab. Although his wife was skeptical, a week later Stahl turned up safe and sound in a rehab facility. The couple has since divorced.

Andrew Koenig

Remember Mike Seaver’s best friend Boner on the 80’s sitcom “Growing Pains?” Andrew Koenig never found another role as beloved as the airheaded character he played on the hit show but he stayed in the entertainment industry, mostly behind the scenes. In 2010, Koenig traveled north to Vancouver, British Columbia. Suffering from depression, the 41-year-old called up an old friend to give back a few items he received as gifts. His worried family contacted the authorities in Vancouver and they launched a search party to find the missing actor. Last seen alive on Valentine’s Day, Koening was found over a week later in a wooded area dead from an apparent suicide.

Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson has always been the strong matriarch of her musical family. Always the reliable one, when her son Michael passed away in 2010, she took in his three children so when the 83-year-old seemingly disappeared in the summer of 2012, several of her family members began to worry. Jackson’s nephew Trent filed a missing report with the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department after her grandchildren had been unable to get in touch with her for over a week. Responding to the missing report, son Jermaine said his mother was resting in Arizona per doctor’s orders. Soon after her disappearance made headlines she returned to her California home.

Son of Charles Lindbergh

Perhaps there was no more famous case of a missing baby than Charles Lindbergh’s son. The 20-month old boy was abducted from the famous aviator’s home on March 1, 1932. A massive search party was put together and all efforts went to look for baby Chas. Although his family paid a ransom to have their son returned home safe and sound, that never happened. A little more than two months later, the tiny tot’s body was found a short distance from his home with a massive skull fracture. It took detectives two years to follow the money and capture the culprit. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was eventually arrested, found guilty and put to death.

Sasha Mitchell

Actor Sasha Mitchell’s claim to fame was starring in the 90’s sitcom “Step By Step” as Cody Lambert, but while the show was still on the air, Mitchell had a couple brushes with the law. Going through a tumultuous divorce from his first wife, Mitchell was facing charges of domestic abuse. Already having served 30-day and 60-day sentences, Mitchell failed to meet with his probation officer and complete counseling so he was presumed on the run. Mitchell finally turned up and said the domestic violence charge against him was a result of protecting his four children from their mother. He was eventually awarded full custody and remarried in 2010.


Rapper J-Kwon had a hit on his hands with the 2004 song “Tipsy” but his career failed to take off. In 2010, the Missouri native, real name Jerrell Jones, decided to take off without telling anyone. Concerned about his whereabouts, J-Kwon’s record label reached out to the public asking for help locating its artist. A twitter account (@WhereisJKwon) was even formed to find the missing rapper. A month later, J-Kwon popped up not realizing people were looking for him. He later explained he took some time off to himself.

Kurt Cobain

In April 1994, the rock world went in mourning after Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Apparently battling drug and depression for much of his career, Cobain was in treatment just before his death but he ducked out. His mother filed a missing report while wife Courtney Love hired a private investigator. The Nirvana frontman was spotted in his hometown of Seattle trying to disguise himself in an overcoat and oversized sunglasses buying ammunition at a store. Holed up in the home he shared with his wife and baby daughter, Cobain took his own life on April 5.  His body was found three days later along with a suicide note.

Jason Mewes

New Jersey native Jason Mewes was best friends with Kevin Smith before he became a filmmaker so when it was time to shoot his first movie, Smith didn’t hesitate to cast his buddy. Mewes became the vocal partner in the Jay and Silent Bob duo. Suffering from a drug addiction, Mewes failed to appear in court in 2001 to face the judge on heroin charges. A warrant was issued for his arrest but Mewes managed to live off of the grid for two years. In 2003, he finally faced the music and was sentenced to rehab for several months and was put on probation for an additional two years.

Margot Kidder

You may not know her real name but if you’re a fan of the original Superman movies, you know Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. Back in 1996, the Canadian-American actress went missing. Four days later, she turned up in a stranger’s backyard in Glendale, CA. Dirty and disoriented, she was also missing her two front teeth. Suffering from bipolar disease, Kidder refused to take any medication and as a result she became increasingly paranoid, fearful that her ex-husband and the CIA were trying to kill her. Once she was found, Kidder began taking her prescribed medication.

James Allan

In 2008, Scottish indie-rock group Glasvegas released their platinum-selling debut album. All seemed right with the rockers so it came as a huge shock to his fellow band mates when James Allen went missing the following year. Glasvegas was slated to perform at the Mercury Awards but panic filled the air when Allen was MIA. Five days later, Allen popped up in New York City and called their manager to say he was fine. Two years later, Allen finally confessed that his disappearance was caused by a drug overdose.

Richey James Edwards

Welsh alternative band Manic Street Preachers was formed in 1986. Originally a quartet, the band was down a member when guitarist and songwriter Richey James Edwards went missing almost a decade later. Last seen leaving the Embassy Hotel in London, the 27-year-old got in his car to drive home but never made it. His vehicle was discovered two weeks later but there was no trace of Edwards. In 2008, he was officially “presumed dead.”

Bison Dele

Brian Carson Williams played in the NBA for eight years for five different teams but won a championship ring with the Chicago Bulls in 1997. Williams changed his name a year before he retired from the NBA to Bison Dele to honor his Native American and African roots. On July 6, 2002, Dele and his girlfriend boarded a boat in Tahiti but they would never be seen again. His brother Miles Dabord (born Kevin Williams) was the only person that made it back alive. He presumably killed Dele but before he could face charges, Dabord committed two suicide two months later.

Mark Sanford

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was once a well-respected Republican destined for a national office but that all changed in the summer of 2009. For six days, the married father of two disappeared. As speculation grew about his whereabouts and why the governor of a state would choose to go off the grid, Sanford’s spokesman said he was hiking on the Appalachian trails but that was far from the truth. Sanford was really in Argentina with his mistress whom he met back in 2001. His wife filed for divorce leaving Sanford to make an honest woman out of his Latina lover. In 2013, Sanford was elected to his old congressional seat.

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