7 Weird First Date Tips That Work

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These tips might seem a little strange, and the thought of implementing them might make your skin crawl! But, as with most things in life, you find the most truths through extreme behavior. If you really want to know if a man is a match fast, just give these weird first date tips a try. We promise: you won’t scary anyone away who you weren’t better off without anyway!


Put in almost zero conversation effort

If there is silence, let there be silence. Don’t initiate conversation. Don’t ask him questions. Just sit and enjoy the scenery when there is a lull.

What it does

You probably put in a lot, if not most, of the effort to keep the conversation flowing on a first date. But what can happen when you do this is that you can walk away from the date thinking, “I had a great time! I must really like that guy!” when in actuality, you just entertained yourself! Don’t seem cold or uninterested, but sit back when there is silence. See if your date is willing to put in the effort to keep the conversation flowing, see if he is someone who actually asks you things about yourself. If you keep too busy doing all the talking, you’ll fail to notice those important things.

Suggest your favorite dumpy restaurant

This could even be a fast food restaurant or kitschy chain like TGI Friday’s! Instead of looking up a fun new date spot, pick a total dump or “low class” establishment that you happen to love.


What it does

When you first date someone, you go to so many fun, exciting places like fancy restaurants, loud bars and concerts. But since these places are so stimulating, they can hide the fact that perhaps you and your date don’t have chemistry! Exciting dates can give the illusion of an exciting connection, when it may not be there at all. So, go somewhere totally boring to see if you can still have fun together. And to make sure he isn’t a total snob and, should you end up in a relationship, will go to Taco Bell with you when you feel like it!


Date someone unemployed

How about you stop seeing a little red flag pop up over a man’s head any time he tells you he’s unemployed? Forget his employment status and allow yourself to see if you just like the guy. If there is a connection there, date him even if he admits he’s too broke right now to take you on a proper date.

What it does

If you can have fun with a guy while he is broke, and respect his work ethic even when he doesn’t have a job, your relationship with him could survive just about anything. Jobs come and go—all those employed guys out there could be the unemployed ones over night. It’s when a man is down on his luck that you see his true capacity to remain positive, his creativity with very little money, and his drive.


Do something humiliating

Go to a karaoke bar, or a coffee shop having a standup comedy open mic on your first date and do stand up! Go ride a mechanical bull, or take a salsa dancing class together. Go sit in the “splash zone” of a comedy show of a comedian who you know picks on the audience members.




What it does

You’re going to embarrass yourself eventually in a relationship, so why not just get it out of the way right now? There’s something so liberating about having nothing to lose. Once you’ve humiliated yourself in front of your date, you won’t worry about what you say or how you look. You’ll have given up on appearing perfect and just be you. Then you’re free to focus on him and really see if he’s a match.

Be running very, very late when your date picks you up

When your date comes to pick you up, have a very good reason to still be in your sweatpants. (You need a good reason so you don’t just look lazy or like a jerk). And have him wait through your entire getting ready process.

What it does

This does several things. First of all, it makes your date see you with no makeup and in sweat pants—if he still thinks you look cute like that, you don’t always have to spend two hours on your makeup. Second off, it tests your date’s ability to go with the flow and be patient. Thirdly, it puts you two in a very real situation, without the veil of a fancy restaurant. You’re just at your place, maybe you’re doing a quick kitchen clean up, your dog is trying to get attention from your date, and you’ve got curlers in your hair while you talk to him. It’s interesting to see if you can feel comfortable with a man under these circumstances so early. If you can, that’s a great match.

Get a little tipsy

Don’t get belligerent, but drink just enough so you’re giggly and giddy, but still conscious of what you’re doing. Drink just enough drinks so that you’re very open and honest, but don’t embarrass yourself. You know where that place is for you.




What it does

This is another odd tip that accomplishes several things. First of all, it reveals if your date will try to get handsy with you or take advantage when he thinks your defenses are down. Second off, it shows if he’s a total stiff who judges you and seems uncomfortable, or if he is just happy to see you having a good time! Thirdly, since drinking will make you open up a little more and say whatever’s on your mind, it will show if your date can handle the truth and a woman who speaks her mind, or if he gets skittish.

Suggest to keep the date going

After you’ve finished the dinner date you planned, and even gone for an after dinner drink at another location, suggest going and getting midnight drive through food and eating it on the beach, or going to a late night comedy show, or just driving around town chatting.

What it does

If it seems a little forward, well, it is! So you find out here and now if you’re with a man who can handle a forward woman, or if you’re with an egotistical man who needs to do the chasing in order to feel accomplished. It also shows if he’s game to try new things at a moment’s notice. And finally, most two people can enjoy one another’s company for two hours. But if you can have fun and be comfortable for 4 or 5 hours…you might be a very good match.

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