It’s Not Cute To Pout Or Shout: 15 Celebrity Sore Losers

December 19, 2013  |  
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When an aspiring actor, professional athlete or musician gets in the limelight, their career takes off, they earn praise and fame it only makes sense their heads get bigger. After paying their dues and gaining critical acclaim, this list of celebrities expected to win, but didn’t. And the hissy fits made them come off as celebrity sore losers who have already won so much, but are now being greedy, ungrateful and selfish for their success.

Kanye West

It comes as no surprise (or at least it shouldn’t) that Kanye West is the top celebrity sore loser and is the epitome of this list. No shade towards the self-proclaimed Yeezus, but he could make up the next 15 slides (FYI, he doesn’t though). But the very creative and talented rapper would not accept his success as enough. He had to be awarded for it or else he would snap on those responsible: voters, awards ceremonies, the winners and hell, the world! It happened in 2004 — complaining backstage after not winning at the American Music Awards, in 2006 it got a little worse at the MTV Europe Music Awards, but he topped himself at the 2009 Video Music Awards. When Taylor Swift won Best Female Video over Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” — he stormed up on stage and OK, well, the world knows the rest. Sigh, Kanye, sigh.

K. Michelle

She should focus on how she’s winning and instead of all of this ratchetnes — especially when someone comes for her. Why care when someone comes for you if you’re winning? There will always be people coming for you if that’s the case. But the one time she felt she wasn’t winning was last week when she was shut out of any Grammy nominations. She tweeted, “Wow major Grammy snub. I guess a little black girl who truly speaks her mind was a little 2much huh? Gotta work harder next year.” Girl, bye. Just bye.

Traci Braxton

She is not only jealous of Toni Braxton’s success, but also of the fact that her other three sisters signed a record deal back in the 1990s — moving with Bryant Reid to Atlantic Records to record their debut album. She was pregnant at the time and married. Apparently, she blames her sisters for her missed opportunity at a music career. I say, you snooze, you lose! And it’s nothing wrong with choosing motherhood, but Tamar Braxton made her career happen. You could’ve tried harder, too.

Chris Brown

Everyone knows about Frank Ocean and Chris Brown’s beef from earlier this year. Let’s hope that it is truly squashed. But Brown refused to stand up and give Ocean the ovation everyone else in the industry was when he lost Best Urban Contemporary Album to Ocean. Well, at least he clapped…

Eddie Murphy

He wasn’t having it with the 2007 Oscars when he stormed out of the Oscars for losing Best Supporting Actor to Alan Arkin. The Dreamgirls star was favored to win, but it’s not like Arkin wasn’t great comedic relief in Little Miss Sunshine. But storm out, really?! He hasn’t fooled with the Oscars since it seems — refusing to host the show a few years back.

LeBron James

Back when James was with the Cleveland Cavaliers he lost the 2009 Eastern Conference Finals to Orlando Magic. He couldn’t congratulate the winning team because they beat him. He later said he wasn’t a sore loser; he couldn’t shake the hands of anyone who beats him. Umm… Can someone explain what a sore loser is to James?

Jermaine Jackson

It’s very well known that the Jackson family was (and still is) always hitting up Michael Jackson for money and thinking of get rich quick schemes off of his personal life and his baby sister/fellow pop icon Janet Jackson. But Jermaine stands out in particular as being a sore loser. I guess, Jermaine thought he could mirror Miss Jackson if you’re nasty or the King of Pop’s success. Ha! Instead, he bashed his brother with “Word to the Badd,” which sounds mad envious to me.

Mitt Romney

Romney seems (or just is) a major hater and shade thrower — especially towards President Barack Obama and the left’s way. But after Obama won the 2012 presidential election, it took Romney two hours to pop up and give his speech. He wasn’t too happy to do it either. He later said “it kills him” to see Obama in the White House.

Faith Hill

To say she was upset when she lost the CMA award for the 2006 Best Female Vocalist of the Year would be an understatement. She was furious when she lost t0 Carrie Underwood — looking into the camera and mouthing the word, “WHAT?!” in what seemed to be her outrage. She later went on the record saying she was only joking and that she wouldn’t disrespect a fellow musician for such a deserving award. MMM hmm…

Bill Murray

I remember the 2004 Best Actor Oscar race like it was yesterday as being a two-way race between Murray and Sean Penn, but with Johnny Depp garnering a potential win with a split vote. Penn, ultimately, was the victor and Murray’s disappointment showed on his face for sure. The truth of the matter his role in Lost in Translation was widely critically-acclaimed (like Penn’s in Mystic River), but Murray looked like, “why is this guy taking my award?”

Taylor Swift

America’s (so-called) sweetheart sipped the same haterade Kanye West did on her at the 2013 Golden Globes. She lost to Adele and although she didn’t cause a big scene, her facial expression said it all. America’s sweetheart looked like she couldn’t get her way so she pouted when she lost the Golden Globe for Best Original Song to Adele. Although neither were nominated for torch songs, does this mean Adele is better at the sub-genre? Hmm…

Samuel L. Jackson

It makes sense our favorite actor, famous for his vociferous roles and cursing tongue, mouthed the word bleep when he lost the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his in Pulp Fiction in 1995 to Martin Landau in Ed Wood. Hey, at least he did something he was famous for at the time anyway.

Tonya Harding

She’s cray… like for real. This olympian (figure skater) went through great (and cray) lengths to put Nancy Kerrigan at a disadvantage. Harding with her husband Jeff Gillooly and bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt hired Shane Stant to break Kerrigan’s leg to disqualify her from skating. The attack put the three men in jail and the media frenzy cost Harding her career. She was banned from the 1994 World Figure Skating Championships and USFSA.

David Furnish

Not only does Elton John not like Madonna, but his husband can’t stand her either. When see won Best Original Song at the 2012 Golden Globes for her W.E. song, “Masterpiece” — filmmaker Furnish took to social media, “Madonna. Best song???? F— off!!!” He goes on to say she didn’t win on merit and she’s desperate. But Furnish, you sound desperate, which is unfortunate because your husband is a legend! Yes, he could’ve won, but he lost to another pop icon.

Gisele Bundchen

Celebrity spouses cussing and ranting for their celebrity spouses seem to be a thing these days. When Bundchen’s husband Tom Brady lost the 2012 Super Bowl she ranted, “You have to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot f–king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” But she was harassed by fans and in a way, she showed them.

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