This Ain’t A Beyoncé Song: 15 Signs You’re Being Crazy In Love

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You can love your partner to the point of insanity sometimes. Too many of us are in unhealthy relationships for love (or the kids) and it’s causing us to lose our minds.

Here are 15 behaviors that may be a sign you are losing it for love…

Your thought this article might apply to you. Keep reading. Your intuition perked up for a reason. Before someone tells us our relationship is unhealthy, chances are we already think so too.

Going through phones/e-mails

By the time you pick up his phone to scan through it, you’ve already lost him and you are pretty sure what you are going to find. If you go looking for something you’ve already made up in your mind that you can’t trust him. And what is a relationship without trust? This isn’t normal behavior and may be a sign you’re losing it for the sake of love.


The CIA or FBI has NOTHING on a person in love determined to figure out a password. But this isn’t normal behavior at all. Although you may have a deep desire to check out your suspicions, the more sane solution is to just leave. I know, I know people LIE to your face and you may want to see for yourself but is it really worth it to turn into some master computer hacker just to figure it out?

Weight Changes

Did you gain 15 pounds of happiness or lose 30 from stress? You’ve also lost your mind. When your diet changes and your weight begins to go up or down you may be losing it over your relationship. Don’t be so happy or stressed that you eat your way out of your entire winter wardrobe.


“I just want to drive by to see if he’s home.” Um, you could also call. Driving by someone’s house is a clear sign you may be losing it over your relationship.

Social Media Stalking

Saved searches of your boo’s tweets is a no-no.  If you are clicking on who liked the status on Facebook and then find yourself browsing that person’s profile wondering “who is this and why is he/she writing smiley faces on my boo’s wall” you are way, way over the edge. Log off. Let it go. Go be sane.

Sick of Being Lonely

Occasionally you do need to spend time apart. However, just because your partner is gone for the night doesn’t mean you need to be under the bed singing Adele lyrics. If you’ve forgotten how to be alone and content, without being lonely and depressed, you may be losing your mind for love.

What about your Friends

When is the last time you didn’t cancel on girl’s night? When is the last time your friends saw you without your boo? If you are constantly cancelling on your friends, not around for important events, and generally ditching them for the sake of your relationship, that’s not healthy. You don’t want to lose your good friendships and your mind too!

Stress and more stress

A relationship should bring out the best in you. If it feels more like a job than an enjoyable experience then you may need to rethink this whole thing. It’s true relationships are work, but relationships shouldn’t be the source of the most stress in your life. Be careful that your thoughts aren’t so consumed with your relationship that you start to really lose it!

Break up and Make ups

Merry go round love or roller coaster love is the quickest way to end up in an insane asylum of feelings. All of that up and down, back and forth, hate you but love you nonsense is for the birds. Don’t lose your mind in a relationship that won’t stay stable for a week!

You are numb to the hurt

Perhaps the hurt is physical, mental or emotional. Either way, you seem to have grown numb to the hurt. It feels normal to you and like that’s how it should be. It’s not. You’ve just quietly slipped out of your mind. Come back and realize love shouldn’t hurt that badly.

Ignoring Opinions

One person says your relationship is unhealthy and that’s just their opinion. Your entire friendship circle and family says your relationship is unhealthy and that’s something to pay attention to and listen! If you are constantly ignoring the opinions or advice of everyone who loved you before this relationship (and hopefully after) you may have lost it. True, you can’t listen to everyone but everybody can’t be wrong can they? it is something to consider for sure.

Playing the game

Are you always playing the victim? Or trying to manipulate your partner with tears or threats? What part of the love game is that? The wrong part. You’ve lost your good sense and are acting out in a way that is anything but loving.


Seems pretty basic but if you are unhappy most of the time and yet continue to stay you’ve probably lost your mind. You won’t be happy 24/7, 365 days a year but the good should outweigh the bad. Don’t stay stuck in an insane way of loving that sucks the happiness right out of you.

You don’t recognize yourself

You stopped going to church. Stopped working out. Picked up these terrible “crazy girl” habits and isolated yourself from all your friends. A relationship shouldn’t change you to the point you don’t recognize yourself in the mirror anymore (inside and out). If you’ve fallen that far over the ledge you have surely dipped into insanity and need to come on back.

Find a healthy love this winter. Save yourself and value your own happiness and sanity above all else.

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