The Thirstiest Things Men Do For Our Attention

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We’ve come to understand that virtually everything men do is to show off for women and win over their affection — the flashy cars, blowing obnoxious amounts of money on drinks and dinner, even the skinny jeans — are all for our “benefit.” And these things we can pretty much tolerate, but then there are other tactics that, for lack of a better word, just scream thirst and turn us off completely.

The after club text

As soon as we give you our number, you begin to go on a texting rant about how sexay we are or how you already miss us. If you miss us 15 minutes after meeting us, you’re crazy. And we don’t do crazy.

The Good Morning text

Good morning texts are a nice gesture but please have something more to say than just that. It feels like De ja vu when all you do is send a “Good Morning” text every single day, but never follow up with an actual conversation. A good morning text is not going to get us to like you.

The Messenger

Sending your friends or other people we may know to tell us how much you like us, is high school. How old are we again? Many of us hate when other people are in our business. Telling everyone how you feel about the girl is flattering but maybe you should just let her know.

Demanding Our Number

Just because we dance with you does not mean we want to give you our number. It is not a requirement after doing so. Just go with the flow and maybe the girl will give you her number voluntarily without you demanding it.

The “We’re not going to do anything but you should still come inside” method

We’ve all heard this line before and then as soon as they get the opportunity, they’re doing a lot. It’s very manipulative but it’s also getting played out. We are on to you guys!

The nasty predator stare down

Looking at us with the nasty predator stare down is not going to make us want you more than we already don’t. Do us all a favor and stop. It scares us and you look crazy.

Moaning while you’re dancing together

Nothing disgust us more when guys are moaning in our ear while we are dancing. It doesn’t turn us on and now we know that your mind is on one thing.

Yelling at us from the car

TLC said it best, “I don’t want no scrub.” Screaming at us from your car, whether you are the driver or the passenger, is tacky and very desperate. You don’t even have the decency to get out the car and approach us like a real man. Clearly you just want to be flashy and show off your car.

Liking all your pics

Liking all of our pictures is flattering but we don’t know if you are trying to get a shoutout or you are being plain thirsty. We are tired of seeing your name pop up every 5 seconds that you liked our picture. It annoys it and then ultimately we are annoyed by the guy altogether.

Commenting on all of your pics

Liking and commenting on our pics goes hand and hand. Yet, commenting is taking things a notch higher to get our attention. Why must all our friends see your thirsty comments? Call or text us to tell us that we are beautiful, don’t put it all over Facebook.

Use any excuse to come over

Men are so sneaky these days. If you have a cold, he’ll text you saying he’ll come over and take care of you knowing darn well, he don’t even know how to take care of himself. This would be a sweet gesture if when he came over he wasn’t trying to get in your pants.

Follow us around

Have you ever noticed a guy staring at you while you’re out and then he pops up every store you go. Very creepy. For God’s sake just speak. Don’t have us pull out the pepper spray.

Call around the clock

After the guy gets the number, he doesn’t know when to stop calling. He calls you every hour on the hour. Hello, if we didn’t answer your call the first 20 times, we are not interested anymore. You were so thirsty that you scared us away!

You Owe Me

Why is it that every time a guy buys a girl a drink, it’s like she owes him. We don’t owe any of you nothing. You bought the drink because you wanted to. We didn’t ask you. Give it up already!

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