Where’d You Get That From? Dating Tips You Should Ignore

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Dating is an area everyone wants to throw their two cents in. But just because someone shares their opinion and advice on dating doesn’t mean that you should necessarily listen to it or take it to heart. Some people give some outright weird and wrong advice, especially when it comes to dating. Here are 14 bad dating tips to ignore, no matter who gives them to you.

Stay a mystery

Throughout the first few dates, both of you will remain a bit of a mystery to each other. But, as time goes on and you two become closer and more involved with each other, there is no need to keep yourself at a distance by remaining a complete mystery. While you don’t want to tell your whole life story to this man right off the bat, you’ll want to tell him important details about you at some point in the beginning as to avoid confusion. Plus, men easily get tired of trying to piece together an endless puzzle.

Don’t pay for anything on early dates

It’s not unreasonable for a woman to expect a man to pay for everything during a date, but it’s also not unreasonable for a woman to offer to go half on the bill. A lot of men are turned off by women who don’t even offer to pay for anything on the date. Even deciding to pay the tip can show a man that you’re generous and willing to compromise.

Always play hard to get

Playing hard to get can be fun sometimes, but that shouldn’t be your approach to every date and for every man. Though the idea behind playing hard to get is pretty reasonable, don’t put on the front that you’re one of those women who is always busy and on the go, and never has time to text or call first. Go with the flow and do things when they seem natural.

Don’t wait on sex

When it comes to sex and dating, there are a lot of different pieces of advice out there. Some people will tell you to wait 90 days, some say to wait longer, and others will tell you to get into bed ASAP. Though having fun between the sheets with a man you’ve been seeing is never a bad thing, one of the worst things you can do while dating is to hop into bed with a guy immediately, and then judge him on his performance between the sheets. This will set you up for failure as you’ll be more likely to attract men looking for sex and nothing more.

Mr. Right now will do

When it comes to dating and relationships, all women go out in hopes of finding Mr. Right, but sometimes Mr. Right doesn’t come as quickly as we’d like. This can easily make us frustrated, but don’t let your friends tell you to settle for second best. You don’t deserve Mr. Right now, also known as Mr. Okay, you deserve Mr. Right, and anyone less won’t do.

Never order a big meal

So it’s the first date, you’re hungry, but you settle for a small salad because a friend once told you to never go all out with food on a date or else you’ll blow this man’s idea of you being feminine. However, the fact is no man cares what you order on the menu, and some men may better appreciate a woman who orders a nice meal. Be who you are and eat what you want to eat, just don’t go for the super expensive items.

You will know after the first date

No matter what your friends tell you and no matter how things pan out in the movies and in the television shows, rarely are you able to really determine whether or not a man is right for you or not after just one date. Don’t go on the first date expecting fireworks and love in your eyes. Instead, go into it with an open mind and heart and be willing to spend more than just one date together. Just because this man didn’t knock you off your feet on day one doesn’t mean he isn’t good enough to date.

Don’t go on last minute dates

Just because a man is involved in the dating scene doesn’t mean that it takes up his entire social life. If a man originally told you he’d be busy but then texts you later that week offering to hit up the town and spend time together, don’t blow him off, especially if you’re available and wanting! A lot of women will tell you that accepting last minute dates makes you seem desperate and overly available, but if you’re really interested in a man and he contacts you to make plans, don’t turn him down if you don’t have to.

Rebounding is okay

Though rebounding definitely has it perks when you look at it from the outside, never listen to someone who tells you that rebounding is acceptable and that it works. There is nothing good that can come out of rebounding, especially if you’re not looking for a quick and temporary fix. If you just had your heart broken or if you’re looking to get back a an ex, rebounding is not the way to go.

Don’t stop until you find someone

Of course, the whole idea behind dating is being able to find a man who fits into your life, but you don’t need to date day in and day out. If dating has become a hassle and if it has started to impact you mentally and emotionally, don’t hesitate to take a break from it all. Dating shouldn’t be draining nor should it feel like a chore. Don’t be afraid to take a break just because someone told you not to.

Let men come to you

It’s a dream to have Mr. Right walk up to you, ask you out, and have things go as if they would in a fairytale. However, it just doesn’t happen that way, and unless you’re being a go-getter, you won’t have much success in the dating world. Don’t let your friends make you believe that the right man will come to you. Instead, take initiative and ask men out on dates and approach a man who you find attractive. Waiting for men to come to you rarely turns out well.

Stay in your league

If another woman ever tells you to date within your league and to never date someone more attractive than you, first ditch this advice, and then ditch her. When it comes to dating, there is no such thing as leagues and you should never settle for less than what you want and deserve. Keep leagues out of the dating scene and date whoever you feel a connection with.

Avoid online dating

You’re most likely to hear this type of advice from the older generation, and while your mom, your aunts, and your grandmother can provide you with some pretty good advice when it comes to dating and relationships, don’t think for a second that online dating should be out of the question. Online dating is the way of the dating world today, and there is definitely plenty of success to be had. Plus it’s much more easier and convenient than conventional dating.

Cook to find love

Recently there was a big fad behind the idea of cooking the right meal for a man will win him over, easily. Engagement chicken and any other meal you read about really isn’t the trick to winning over a man’s heart. Instead, focus more on the physical and emotional side of things.

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