Ew: Over-The-Top And Awkward Sex Scenes From Films That We Could Have Done Without

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Movie sex scenes can be memorable for more than just being hot. Sometimes they can stay on your mind because they were so over the top and at times disturbing that you couldn’t wait for it to be over. Some of the movies on this list are like that, and others were just so awkward that they weren’t really even believable. Here are a few scenes from a few popular movies that we could have done without. And just so you know, the links to the clips are included in case you haven’t seen them.

Monster’s Ball

Talk about THE most. I understood the importance of the sex scene between Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. It was a vulnerable moment for her character post the accidental death of her son, and the moment where Thornton’s character realized he wanted something more from her. However, after more than four minutes of a variety of sex positions between the actors, the scene just went on way too long and became a bit hard to watch. They definitely went over the top with this one.

Jason’s Lyric

There were multiple sex scenes in Jason’s Lyric, and I guess in an effort to separate herself from her wholesome character on A Different World to be a legitimate actress, Jada Pinkett decided to go all out in her grass rolling sex scene with Allen Payne. Areolas were being licked, hairy butt crack was all in the camera, and what was supposed to be really romantic scene turned a little tacky.


“My c**chie makes you scream say Adina!”

This scene was more comical than anything, and that was most likely the intention, but watching it either made you bust out laughing or share a heavy side-eye with the TV screen. From Adina hiking up Clyde’s legs and taking a more masculine approach to sex, to Clyde trying to pull her good wig off only for her to say, “Uh, not the hair, not the hair!” it was definitely a sight to see.


I do like the contrast of sensual lovemaking between Nas and T-Boz and raunchy sex between DMX and Taral Hicks, but there was something extra about Dark Man X flipping homegirl around the room and working her out like a Shaun T “Insanity” tape. As a viewer pointed out, you don’t really think about “s*xy” when you watch it, but “intense.”


As if this movie wasn’t terrible enough, the sex scenes in it made things a lot worse. In particular, this pool scene between Saved By The Bell actress Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan was like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The girl we came to know as the intelligent and sweet Jessie Spano was getting champagne poured on her and flopping around in the pool like a fish with its fin caught. She really thought this movie was going to put her on, but it really just put people off…


As eager as Shemar Moore is to share his tongue with random women, I’m pretty sure that filming this sensual movie with Girlfriend‘s star Golden Brooks was easy peasy. But this supposed sex scene they filmed in a drop-top car was just weird. Folks were basically pretending to have sex when they were really just dry humping like teenagers. Her booty was all out and he was just groping her and messing up a good weave for a scene that really wasn’t worth a damn.

Baby Boy

Taraji and Tyrese were one thing, but I didn’t need to see Vhing Rames and AJ Johnson jumping around a room unclothed. From the beginning of the scene where she was getting oral from him talking about “do circles!” to a very strong Rhames doing some precise squats with Johnson on his crotch, we all felt just like Jody in that scene, begging for relief from this awkward sex scene.

School Daze

Love the movie, and the scene wasn’t that bad, but there were some questionable moments we could have done without. I have to say, Tisha Campbell Martin knows she deserves some type of award for licking the greasy scalp of Giancarlo Esposito and his bubbled up scarred fraternity brand during their colorful sex scene. As a whole, the scene was shot very nicely, but some of the details of it all we could have done without. All I can still think about is a wad of Blue Magic hair grease on that baby’s tongue when the whole thing was over.

Booty Call

I don’t know if it’s Jamie Foxx’s creepy hairstyle, or finding a way to bring Jesse Jackson into the bedroom, but this scene was more funny and awkward than it was anything romantic. Folks were doing it on workout machines, rolling around in bubble wrap, and Foxx was even pulling out a Mike Tyson and Martin Luther King, Jr. imitation as a way to turn Vivica A. Fox’s character of Lysterine on. A mess.


While the clip hasn’t been released or taped by an ambitious YouTube viewer, there is a scene, if you’ll recall, in the movie where Oprah and Danny Glover have a love scene. However, it’s hard to make anything sensual out of a film that’s centered on the horrible effects of slavery. The initial kiss that started off the scene was very awkward, with hard breathing and lips shaking. Oprah once spoke in an interview about how nervewrecking the experience was:

“I hadn’t even kissed a guy in 12 years other than Steadman. I hadn’t even flirted.”


Maybe I was just stuck on thinking of Naturi Naughton as the innocent young girl from 3LW, but the sex scene between her and a guy who was a whole lot larger than her (Jamal Woolard) was definitely awkward. The scene popped off out of nowhere soon after the characters of Lil Kim and BIG meet, and her sweating out a good weave on top of dude was a bit much for my eyes. Decent movie, but I’ll pass.


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