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Even if you’re not the type to ask your man, “Do these pants make my butt look big?” that doesn’t mean he believes you’re 100% okay with your figure. Here are 14 little ways you let on that you’re insecure about your body (even though your boyfriend loves it!)

You change after large meals

Immediately after a big dinner, you change out of the outfit you spent an hour assimilating into sweats and a giant t-shirt. Oh, and sex after a big dinner? Out of the question.


You always turn the lights off

You and your guy get into light switch battles: you turning it off when you enter the bedroom, him flipping it back on behind your back when you’re making out, you turning it back off as you pull your top off.


You back away from the bed

After sex, when you’re still nude and getting up for a glass of water, you back away from the bed. Your guy knows you can’t stand the thought of him seeing you totally exposed from behind.

You change the subject

When he tells you your butt looks great or you have nicely toned arms, you just say, “Oh…” and quickly change the subject. You don’t even stay on the subject long enough to give the typical, “No I don’t!” response.


You’re quiet when your friends talk about bodies

When your girlfriends discuss how they’ve lost five pounds, or a new workout, or that a celebrity has put on weight, you go noticeably silent. Or go empty the dishwasher until they’ve changed topics.

You hide your workouts

You don’t tell your boyfriend when you’re working out. For example, when he asks what you’re doing on a given day, you tell him you’re going to work and then go home but “forget” to mention you’ll stop at the gym for thirty minutes on a treadmill. Or you leave his place super early in the morning, blaming a business meeting, when you’re actually going for a jog.


You’re picky about positions

There are clearly only a handful of sexual positions you’re comfortable with. And they all seem to showcase you at similar angles (and hide other angles).


Your style is limited

You have only a few colors and cuts of clothing you’re comfortable wearing. You never branch out and shop somewhere new, or wear something trendy.


You peruse diet articles at the grocery store

In line for checkout, you flip through the pages of fitness magazines—frantically reading as much as you can until the very last minute when you have to grab your bags and move on—but you never bring the magazines home.

You don’t wear that dress he loved

One time he told you how fine you looked in a dress—maybe how well it accentuated your curves—and you’ve never worn it since.


You won’t shower with him

The few times he’s tried to have shower time as a couple, you’ve awkwardly said, “I’m all done here! The shower’s yours!” and hopped out, still sudsy.


You stare at girls in provocative outfits

When a woman is around who is very comfortable with her body, showing mid drift or wearing spandex, you ogle her.

You say cruel things about fit women

When somebody notes how fit a woman is, you always reply with something like, “She probably has an eating disorder” or “She probably works out all day long and does nothing else with her life.”

You watch “Biggest Loser- type shows a lot

Some individuals who are insecure about their bodies, to feel better about themselves, like to see people who are in much worse condition. And there are plenty of shows today—like “Biggest Loser” and “Extreme Weight Loss”—that let you do that.

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