7 Times You’re Not Allowed To Get Mad At Your Man

October 16, 2013  |  
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Men know that women can get a little emotional, so they expect a certain amount of backlash when they disagree with us. But there are a few things that, should you get mad at your guy for them, will make you look simply unreasonable.


When he tells you you’re being unreasonable

I know: nothing makes an angry woman angrier than someone telling her she isn’t allowed to be angry! When you’re in a fit of emotions and someone tells you you’re being unreasonable, it’s like dousing a fire in gasoline.


But, sadly…

This is when a man is really testing you. It’s one of those moments when he determines if you’d be a good life partner, or not — because life will be frustrating, kids will be extremely frustrating, and managing finances will be grueling. Your guy wants to see that you can keep your cool and not allow emotions to make a hard situation harder. Show that reason can overrule emotion.

When he tries to keep you on your diet

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want to eat gluten? I think there’s gluten in that baby…” How dare he interrupt your guilty little moment of bliss? That one moment you were going to let yourself have a cupcake—a delicious cupcake that you haven’t tasted in weeks! He ruined the moment!

Hold on…

You asked him to help you in this diet. You gave him the death stare when he brought home a box of doughnuts last week. Even though doing what’s best for you isn’t always the same as doing what’s enjoyable, it’s not his fault you’re not allowed to eat a cupcake. In the long run, he’s letting you get mad at him for a moment, so you can avoid being mad at yourself later after you’ve scarfed down that red velvet delight!

When his mom is still friends with his ex

This will really get under your skin. It will make you wonder if his mom wishes he was still with his ex. It will make you wonder if he sometimes thinks he should still be with her, since his family accepts her so much…You’ll want to ask your guy to forbid his mother from being friends wit his ex!


Who your guy’s mom is friends with is not your business. It’s not even his business. When a man is with a woman for a long time, his family can get attached to her. They can develop a friendship that exists without the romantic relationship that started it. Your guy’s mom will respect you even more if you don’t seem the least bit bothered by her relationship with the ex. Kicking up a fuss about it only screams, “Controlling girlfriend alert!”

When he calls out one of your friends

One of your friends is being a major a$$ to the server where you all are having dinner, or is telling you a story of how she is cheating on her boyfriend, and your guy cuts in and says, “What you’re doing is wrong,” And you’re humiliated. How dare he not lie to your friend’s face and say, “Good for you!” just like you do…



You are not a very good friend if you aren’t brave enough to correct your friend sometimes, and point out her wrongs. Don’t get angry with your guy for having the guts that you don’t have. If his belief system tells him it’s his responsibly to try to show people the error of their ways, you can’t stop him from doing it. Keep friends around with more moral integrity, or don’t bring him around your sketchy/Beyotchy friend.


When you drag him somewhere and he’s bored

He tells you repeatedly that if he comes with you to some party, he will only be bored and exhausted and won’t bring his best face. He tells you he would really rather not go, because he doesn’t have it in him tonight to make a good impression on people. He warns you of all of this, but you bring him anyways.


You kind of asked for it…

It’s one thing if your guy doesn’t say a word, comes along, and is antisocial, rude, disinterested and embarrasses you. But if he warned you, you can’t begrudge him for sitting in the corner nursing a drink, just like he said he would.


When he takes your parent’s side

Your parents tell you you should stand up to your boss over some work matter, or that you should be kinder to your sister, or keep your house cleaner. And your guy takes their side. And your skin feels hot.

He didn’t have a choice

What was your guy supposed to do? If he disagreed with your parents, they might dislike him forever. But if he disagreed with you, he knew he’d only face maybe a day or two of turbulence. Plus, he just earned brownie points with your parents by taking their side, which in the long run is good for you.

When he says, “It’s not a good time to talk”

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, men cannot mentally multitask like women can. If they’re mulling over a work matter, and you come in asking how to handle a fight you’re in with your best friend, their brain feels like it will explode. Men prefer to pay attention to one thing at a time—they tackle matters best that way.


If you want his attention…

You can’t force your guy to be focused when it’s convenient for you. If you want his full attention on a matter, wait until he tells you he can give it to you. And don’t get angry that you have to wait: he’s just trying to be respectful and bring a clear head to the discussion.

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