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We are all very aware of the type of time, money, and care that women put into their hair. But every once in a while, you’ll find a man, especially in Hollywood, who works just as hard on his mane if not harder. Way back in the day, James Brown and Little Richard kept their hair very laid despite sweating up a storm in their shows, and since then, many men have rocked hairstyles that could put some of us ladies to shame. Even box braids. BOX BRAIDS. Don’t believe me? Check out some famous fellas whose hair always stays (or stayed back in the day) laid. Sometimes a little too laid…

Milli Vanilli

Say what you want about their past singing abilities (or lack thereof), but Milli Vanilli and their box braids of yesteryear were killing the game. When they first were signed, the advance they were given by their manager was used to secure some of the most unique clothing, and some of the freshest microbraids and box braids money could buy. And while their musical legacy is marred in lip-synching scandal, they definitely set a trend with their hair. Too bad it really didn’t last though. There’s something not all that masculine about a man whipping around the same braids as me…*Kanye shrug*

Miguel/Bruno Mars/Robin Thicke


They might be on top of their respective genres, but they’re also the kings of the pompadour. Elevated and probably covered in a gang of gel (Pro Styl possibly?), these guys make sure their hair stays in tip-top shape when they’re singing for the ladies and dancing across stage floors (or jumping on fans…had to do it!). Bruno has since let his perm fall to the wayside for a more natural look, but they’ll always be known for making a splash on the scene when their hits chart-wise, and their hair, was highest.


This might be the updo to end all updos. As a lady with locs, I’m a bit jealous. My hair has never looked this fabulous! For the “Bad” video, Wale had his hairstylist/barber put a pretty fierce topknot in his head. And with all the intricate twists and turns, whoever takes care of his hair did a great job. Seriously, I was looking more at this style in the video than the actual action in the video altogether. Work it!

Snoop Dogg

He’s been a man of many styles. And any grown man that can get your respect rocking some Shirley Temple curls clearly has the hair game on lock. If you didn’t like the curls, there’s his shiny plaits with balls and beads. The extra laid press. The full fro. The bountiful waves. This man’s stylist has done more for his hair than most of our go-to stylists at the shop around the corner. He’s now rested with locs, but we’ll always have the days of Snoop’s fabulous press and curl.

Andre 3000

Early on in the career of Outkast, the hair of Andre 3000 was the same as most rappers. A caesar cut here, some braids there. But fast forward to the new Millennium, and Andre was out here with the straightest locks, the most luscious curls, the fanciest flips, and the biggest afros. He’s even managed to make fingerwaves on a man look good again. Who knew that was possible!?

Michael Jackson

Wig, weave, good perm, Jheri Curl or whatever Michael Jackson had on his head all these years, I think we can all agree it was laid. When he would whip his shirt open and do his famous yell, not only would his clothing (and high-water pants) be blowing in the wind, but his hair would be flowing in the wind dramatically as well. The only thing we couldn’t get with was that extra long baby hair he kept trying to make happen…


Today he’s rocking a fro. But over the years, Prince has done almost everything you can think of to his head aside from breaking out the cornrows (thank God). He made the pixie cut fabulous on a fella and his blow out was perhaps our favorite look. But anything he decides to do with his hair will always be a winner. He’s the Purple One.

Al Sharpton

Sharpton has been known for quite a few things in his lifetime, especially his work as a civil rights activist. But one thing that has really always been attached to Sharpton’s name is his hair. While it definitely doesn’t have the same bounce as it did back when he was running around with James Brown, the combed back coif is still his signature.

DeBarge Family

The whole DeBarge family was about that big ’80s hair. And while they might have their manes low (or completely shaved off in Chico’s case) today, there are plenty of images online of the men in the family with the springiest curls, and sometimes most questionable creations on their head. Just see Chico’s hair above on the far right for more proof of what I mean by questionable…


There’s not much that needs to be said about this look. The caesar used to look great on Nokio back when Dru Hill was originally together. But when they tried to reunite, he thought it was cute to put some color in his head and try to bring the mohawk back. The permed mohawk. Oh yeah, WITH the shaved-in designs on the side. Why Nokio??? WHY!?

Katt Williams

We couldn’t forget about Katt! Nobody did the flip quite like him. And as animated as he was during his stand up shows, the more it would bounce…and sweat damn near out. The perm struggle is real. The only time you wouldn’t see Katt’s hair looking like something from a Just For Me box was in his mug shots, but aside from that, the flat iron has always been this brotha’s friend.

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