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Congratulations on your pregnancy!

It’s so wonderful to bring a new life into this world… too bad mama never warned us what lies ahead on the journey to baby. If you are still in your first trimester you may be experiencing uncontrollable pregnancy symptoms that range from nausea to vomiting. Who knew that this discomfort could last for weeks let alone a few months for some?!

As the first trimester can have so many “what if” scenarios, many mothers-to-be make the decision not to share the good news until they reach their second term. The trick however comes with trying to complete your daily 9-to-5 when you don’t want to spill the beans to the boss or co-workers.

Should you want to keep things on the hush but find great difficulty with getting through the day, here are some tips that will hopefully help you out.

Drink water

Water is so essential for your pregnancy. It’s recommended you drink at least eight glasses a day. Not only is it good for the baby and your own health, but staying hydrated can prevent nausea. If it has become hard to drink water on its own, try alternatives like adding in pieces of your favorite fruit.

Stock up on ginger

Oh girl, ginger is going to be your new BFF during your pregnancy days. Known to relieve sickness, ginger can be the soothing remedy that your body needs. Stock up on ginger root at your grocery store, and add it to your warm tea and even cereal.

Eat small but frequent portions

There are going to be days when you want to scarf down a huge plate of your most recent cravings. Just be ready for the backlash. When it comes to fighting nausea, you may find that eating smaller meals throughout the day is the way to go. As you will discover during your first trimester, it can get a little gassy in your belly making things very uncomfortable. To prevent things piling up at once, graze through food at various times during the workday.

Avoid certain foods

Though every pregnant woman is different, there are usual suspects that can bring forth the bubble guts (upset stomach). Fatty and spicy foods can make your stomach work double time to break down, and therefore cause unnecessary nausea. Other culprits include super sugary foods and things with a high amount of caffeine.

Slow your roll

If you are a hustler always on the go, you might want to slow things down a bit. Quick and rapid movements can have some not so good effects on a queasy tummy. Do yourself a favor and take your time. In addition, be sure not to take on too many extra tasks as they can also bog you down.

Crackers and cereal

Every gal will have their own favorite snacks, but two to consider are crackers and dry cereal. Both are wonderful options for filling your stomach that have been known not to cause too much drama in the tummy region. Keep a stash at your desk to nibble on throughout the day, or in the event of an emergency, when you feel nauseous.

Take bathroom breaks

Your baby is way too small right now to add weigh on your bladder, but that doesn’t mean you won’t become acquainted with your company’s bathroom. If you are feeling badly, try to collect yourself in the bathroom for a little bit before returning to your desk. Splash a little water on your face and just take a few moments of peace.

Tip: If your company has multiple floors, consider utilizing bathrooms on different levels (within distance of course). This way, the same people won’t see you heading into the bathroom every 45 minutes should you care.

Isolate yourself when needed

The cops may want to hire you for your keen sense of smell. Unfortunately, this can be a double-edged sword as smells like perfumes and food can make you want to barf. Should you feel overwhelmed by what you sniff, make the choice to keep to your desk or office. This could mean not lunching with co-workers in the break room or stepping away to take a breather (literally).

Rest when you can

In no way should you feel encouraged to sleep on the job (that could get you in some trouble), but just know that rest is super important during your pregnancy. A good way to combat morning sickness or nausea is to get some shut eye. This means getting a good night’s rest before a long day at work. Another idea is to take a quick nap during your lunch break, if at all possible. Maybe a quick trip to your car or, if you’re within distance of your home, head there. If a close friend lives nearby and you don’t mind sharing the news, see if you can get a key to rest on their couch midday.

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