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Your well-meaning couple friends have set you up with a guy they say is “perfect for you!” You really wish they would have just invited him to the same dinner party as you, but instead, they’ve already given him your number. And he’s used it. So, how do you enjoy your blind date, and make your well-meaning matchmaker friends happy?

Do your hair and makeup

Even if you have the worst attitude about this, you still need to make yourself just as pretty as you would for a date with a guy you like. Showing up with no makeup, messy hair and a bad outfit tells your date from the get-go you don’t want to be there, and you don’t expect to be pleasantly surprised. That kills the morale instantly.

You can’t do coffee

Sorry but it has to be a grownup date, like dinner or drinks. Planning a coffee date says to your matchmakers that you assumed it would be a bad match, and wanted an easy escape. They’ll honestly be offended if you don’t go into this date with complete confidence you’ll like the guy.


Talk to your matchmaker

You have the added advantage of knowing someone who already knows your date! Get the scoop on him: what to talk about, what great stories to tease out of him, what impresses him etc. At the very least, you’ll be prepared for an engaging conversation.

Don’t look surprised if he’s cute

That’s just rude. Hide that shocked expression that says, “Oh, you’re not an ogre!” Not only is it rude but it also puts a lot of pressure on him—great, so you think he’s cute, now he’s really got to live up to that.

Relax: you were set up for some reason

Your friends set you two up for a reason. Maybe you should just sit back, let the conversation flow, and wait for that reason to become apparent. Maybe as a conversation starter ask your date, “So why do you think we were set up?”

Don’t try extra hard

Thinking you owe it to your friends, you might put in extra effort on this date. You might talk non-stop and have a grocery list of questions ready to ask him. But this will make the date nerve-wracking and inorganic for both of you. However you’d normally act on a date, act like that.

Talk about your common friends

That’s a built-in conversation topic! Sharing stories about your common friends, talking about how you met them, what you like about them and so on.

Feel it out before teasing your common friends

But, be wary of teasing or criticizing said friends. You don’t know where your date stands on that matter. He might see anything wrong with one of the friends, who you then awkwardly make fun of.

Talk about yourself

Asking him all about himself might make him feel like you’re doing him a favor—it could come off as patronizing. Your date will feel like you want to be there if you’re willingly sharing information about yourself.

Thank him after the date

No matter how the date goes, send him a thank you text after. If it went poorly, you don’t want him reporting back to your friends that you rudely didn’t say a word. If it went well, it’s a great way to sneak in a, “I’d love to do it again sometime…”

Be honest about a second date

More than ever, you can’t play games. You have common friends who will feel offended for your date if you play him or lie to him. If he asks you out for a second date and you’re not interested, tell him on the spot you don’t see the two of you being more than friends.

Laugh: you’re both on a blind date

Don’t take it too seriously: remember, he was set up too! You both feel silly being the token single friends that your couple buddies feel oh so sorry for. You both know you’re guinea pigs in your friend’s matchmaking attempts. And you both know you have anxious, “How’s it going?!” texts awaiting you on your phones. Laugh about it.

Be nice even if you don’t like him

If you’re not into him, turn off the flirt but keep on the personality. There is always the potential for a friendship there, and he might have friends you are a good match with.


Don’t have sex

No matter how strong the chemistry is, you don’t know where this is going and you do run in the same social circle. If things turn south, now you have to see this guy regularly that you slept with. And, your matchmaking friends might be less eager to set you up again.

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