I’m Gettin’ Tired Of Your S%$! You Don’t Never Buy Me Nothin’: Signs You’re Dating A Cheapskate

May 16, 2013  |  
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Being frugal and saving money definitely aren’t characteristics to shun. However, there are some people out there who are flat-out cheapskates, and they cut corners in every which-way possible. If you’re dating a guy who seems to be bordering the line between frugal and cheap, despite the fact that he has a decent-paying job, there are some definite signs that he is one or the other. Here are 14 ways to tell if your man is undoubtedly a cheapskate.

He has to have coupons

Your man doesn’t want to go out to eat unless there is a coupon for the restaurant in mind or when he goes shopping he has to have a coupon for whatever he’s buying. While coupons are meant to be used to save money, coupons shouldn’t be a determining factor in where you two decide to eat lunch or dinner together. If he’s always whipping out a paper coupon or one on his phone, beware!

He asks for discounts whenever possible

Most restaurants are known to give a discount when a customer is unhappy with his/her food. You’ve noticed that more often times than not, your man is complaining to the waiter or waitress that there is something wrong with his meal. No matter if he gets a free meal or a discounted check, the fact is that he’s really complaining for nothing. He only wants to save himself some money.

He insists on sharing

It’s without a doubt that some of the portion sizes at restaurants are just way too big for one person. However, if your man insists that you two share an appetizer, a meal, and a dessert, there’s a bigger issue, especially if this happens a lot. Clearly he doesn’t want to pay the full price for a complete meal.

If you ask, you pay

In a relationship the two of you more than likely suggest going on dates, including going out to dinner. If your guy operates on the idea that if you ask to go out to dinner or to go shopping, you pay, he’s definitely flawed when it comes to money! If your man wants to split the bill or even worse, wants you to pay it all, he’s without a doubt a cheapskate.

Appetizers = meals

While you’re looking over the menu, your date points out some of the delicious sounding appetizers that are available. At this stage, there’s nothing wrong, but it becomes a problem when he says that you two should only order off the appetizer section of the menu. When this happens, he’s clearly looking at the prices and trying to pay as little as possible.

No specialty drinks

Going out to dinner with this man means you can’t enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, or any type of mixed drink that includes liquor. For the most part, he hints that you should order water or unsweetened iced tea for some flavor. Obviously he doesn’t want to foot the cost that comes along with specialty drinks at a restaurant.

He eats before the date

You two planned a date to spend time together and to avoid paying for dinner or food at all, your man decided to eat before the date. No matter if he ate at work or at home before the date, the fact is that he isn’t looking to pay for two meals.

He doesn’t buy you gifts

Gifts cost money, and you’ve noticed that it is rare that your man buys you a gift just because. When he does buy you something, it isn’t a very expensive present either. While you probably don’t complain, the fact is that gifts are always loved and appreciated. If your guy doesn’t show you his appreciation through gifts here and there, it may be because he’s just too cheap to buy you any.

He avoids pay-to-park locations

Though most locations nowadays offer free parking, there are some that, unless you want to walk for blocks and blocks, you have to pay for parking. Have you and your man ever gone somewhere only to have to walk to get there because he didn’t want to pay the $10 for parking? It’s even worse if you’re dressed up in your Sunday’s best, including heels! This is a good sign of a cheapskate.

He prefers free dates

When you mention going to the movies or going to a restaurant, he lets out a grunt and asks you to pick something else or he throws suggestions out at you. If your man is a cheapskate, you’ll probably notice that the dates he really enjoys are those that cost nothing, such as walking in the park, riding bikes, or sitting at home. While free dates can be the best dates, if that’s all your man likes, there is something going on.

He doesn’t tip

When you two go out to dinner, he doesn’t tip much, if at all. He somehow has gotten into the thought process that tipping isn’t necessary and that waiters and waitresses make enough money as is. Not only is not tipping or tipping very little rude, it shows that your man isn’t even willing to dish out a couple extra dollars to show some courtesy. Clearly a penny pincher.

He complains about prices a lot

Whether you’re at a restaurant, shopping at the mall, or grocery shopping, your man is continuously complaining about how expensive things are. While it’s no lie that the price of certain items has increased, your man just can’t seem to accept the amount of money that he’ll have to dish out for food or clothing. He complains like a woman, to say the least!

He’s always calculating his money

Unless he’s really close to over-drafting on his account, no man needs to be checking his bank account totals every hour of the day. If you notice that when your man spends money he is immediately logging into his bank account to check his available funds, he is keeping tabs on how much he’s spending and whether or not he’s gone over his set budget. If a man has a set budget for every single thing he does and buys, he’s clearly stingy with his money.

He always carries cash

When a man carries just cash, he has left home knowing that he is only willing to spend a certain amount of money. Paying in cash is ideal in some cases, but being unwilling to hit up the ATM when the money is all gone is definitely a bad sign. In the end you may find that he turns it around on you, saying that he can’t go to the ATM, and you have to pay for something.

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