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Men can get away with slightly more obvious come-ons than women can. It’s expected of them. We know not only the desperate ones do it, but all men give women some blatant lines sometimes. Women, however, (and unfortunate as it may be!) can come off as desperate if they don’t play their cards right with pick up lines. These lines walk that fine line between needy and aggressive, and come off sounding cute and confident.

“So, are you going to talk to me or what?”

This one works only if a guy has been staring at you for a long time. But once it’s clear he has taken an interest in you, he’ll love that you take the next step. And he’ll love that you have the confidence to acknowledge you’re desirable, instead of playing coy and giggling with your girlfriends.

“My friends keep pestering me to meet you, they think we’d be perfect for each other”

Deflect the blame, so immediately you’re not the aggressor, but just a poor innocent woman put into this situation. This will put the guy at ease since there isn’t too much pressure. But, he’ll be enticed. He’ll want to know why your friends think he’d be a good match for you.

“You look like trouble”

If you see the man of your interest taking shots, or engaging in usual male debauchery, slide up next to him and say casually, almost disinterestedly, “You guys look like trouble.” Men love to rise to the occasion to show you that yes, they are trouble! And can be a really good time.

“That’s a good color on you”

Drop this line on a guy, and then turn away. Say it in a way that shows you have absolutely no expectation of a response. Everyone loves attention, and once you bate him with a little, he’ll want more. But since you turned away to order your drink now, or talk to someone else, he’s forced to come to you. So you don’t have to do all the work.

 “I don’t take shots alone”

Drinking is a universal bonder. You don’t have to be hitting on someone if you just ask him to share a drink with you, so this is a good, low-pressure way to strike a connection. Slide up to the bar next to the guy you’re interested in, and when the bartender asks for your order say, “Hmmm…I want a shot, but I don’t take shots alone” then turn to the guy and ask, “Will you take one with me?”

 “My friends say I don’t talk to guys enough, so I’m proving them wrong”

This immediately casts you in two equally attractive lights: 1) As a woman who is a little shy (which is cute), and who doesn’t talk to just any guy (which is flattering to this particular guy) and 2) Adventurous. You did meet your friend’s challenge, didn’t you?

“What do you like to drink here?”

Men love to be in a position in which they can help you. Asking a guy what he recommends you order puts him in that position and, now that he has helped you with something, if he wanted an in with you to begin with, he’ll use this as an excuse. You kind of owe him one now anyways, because he helped you out.

“The bartender gave us too many shots. Want one?”

Everybody feels a little obliged to speak to somebody who buys them a drink. The great thing about this move is you didn’t intentionally buy the guy a drink, so you’re not coming off to aggressive. But you are showing you have a generous, open side to you by sharing with a stranger.

 “Can I have one of those nachos?”

Breaking a social norm always gets a guy’s attention. If you see a guy with a big plate of nachos, fries, chicken wings or something shareable, scoot up beside him and ask (bashfully, of course), “Can I, um, have one of those?” He’ll think you’re quirky. And guys like that.

“I’ve been trying to think of a way to introduce myself, but finally decided just to go for it”

Men can’t help but be taken in by this at once humble, at once daring approach. You admit that you’ve been focusing on the guy for a while, which will flatter him, and you admit you’re doing something that scares you a little, which will impress him.

“I somehow ended up the 5th wheel”

If your two girlfriends are chatting it up with two other guys, position yourself next to the guy you want to talk to and as soon as he notices you standing alone, say this line and motion to the foursome you’re left out of. How can he not come to your rescue?

“I really just want to dance”

Slyly make your way next to the man of your interest, but keep your eyes on the people dancing. Have a big smile on your face like you’re so genuinely joyed at the site of people dancing. He’ll find your happiness enticing. And when you finally say (maybe to no one in particular) “I just want to dance!” he’ll have to offer you his arm.

Trip on him/into him

Women can get away with this—if a man pulled this move, it’d be creepy. But why not use the damsel in distress card sometime? Just trip and fall into the lap of a cute guy, or pretend you weren’t watching where you were going and bump into him so you’re suddenly face to face. If he wanted an excuse to chat with you, he’ll take his chance now.


Don’t forget that as a woman, you have this power. Most men—even the ones who aren’t single—want to talk to women when they’re out. They expend most of their energy throughout the night finding ways to talk to women! They probably already have conversation topics ready if they just got the chance! So make it easy on them and you and just say, “Hi.” They’ll take it from there.

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