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Since you probably already have dozens of excuses ready to go as for why you shouldn’t exercise — and because sitting on your butt just feels so good —you need to prepare mantras, ahead of time, to repeat at those moments when you don’t feel like moving at all and eating a tub of ice cream! Here are a few thoughts to get you started — and motvated.

Exercising, even when I don’t feel like it, means I have self-control

Often in life the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do. Exercising regularly also exercises your ability to do what you need to, even when you don’t want to, in work, relationships, and every aspect of life.

My body was made to move

If we were meant to be stagnant, we wouldn’t have been given these limbs, this core, and these muscles that always seem to thrive and feel good in response to movement. Humans have been active since the beginning of existence. Keep up the tradition.

I only get one life and one body

You don’t get a second chance. You don’t get to swap in your body for a new one (at least not without lots of money). If you find yourself five sizes larger than you want at the end of your life, you’ll experience deep regret. Treat your body well every day—you don’t get that day back. You don’t get to undo it.

If I exercise, I’ve already accomplished one thing today

Even if you get nothing else done—no errands, no work—you can feel accomplished if you simply work out for thirty minutes. Which is great on the days you don’t feel like doing work that requires your mind.

Exercising improves my sense of self worth

If I’m willing to do the work to give myself a fit and healthy body, that perpetuates my feelings throughout the day that I’m worthy of things that make me happy and healthy.

Getting dressed is always easy when you’re fit

You don’t have to cover up this or tuck in that, or restrict yourself to slimming colors or long sleeves when you feel proud of each part of your body, just as they are. Think of all the hours, over a lifetime, you could save, if putting an outfit together wasn’t such an enormous task.

Exercise is cheaper than therapy

Most instances of depression have been fixed simply by increased physical activity. And running shoes cost much less than weekly therapy sessions.


Exercise is cheaper than doctor’s visits, procedures and medication

Exercise helps combat many health conditions that, in old age, can cost you thousands of dollars in medicine, procedures and doctor’s visits to fix.

Sweat is Hot

Men can’t resist that post-workout glow. Even a slightly overweight woman looks fit, right after exercising.

My digestion improves when I exercise

Exercise regulates my digestion, minimizes bloat and promotes overall digestive comfort.

I sleep better when I exercise

Just 45 minutes of daily exercise can help you fall asleep quicker, and sleep deeper.

People who exercise make more money

Studies have found that those who exercise daily, earn more money. This could be tied to the fact that exercisers have more self-discipline, stick to schedules more closely, and take on regular challenges.

 The gym/outdoors lift my spirits

Socializing with people at the gym/having the time to watch a sitcom on the treadmill/seeing the dogs in the park where I jog lifts my spirits.

You never know who you’ll meet

Exercising is just one more way to make friends, network, and even meet potential love prospects.

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