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Along with online dating, long-distance relationships (LDR)have also become quite popular in today’s world. Whether you meet someone you like who happens to live in another state or if your boyfriend has to relocate somewhere that isn’t exactly close by, sometimes long-distance relationships just happen. However, be warned that LDRs are not for everyone, and they truly take a lot of time and effort in order to make them work, let alone last. If you’re faced between the decision of being single or being in a LDR, you’ll want to think long and hard. Here are 14 signs that a long distance relationship isn’t for you.

You don’t like not seeing your boyfriend everyday

With long-distance relationships, there is a lack of physical touch that often gets to a lot of people, especially women. If you’re the type of woman that needs to see her man every single day, a LDR probably isn’t ideal for you. The fact is that with long distance relationships, you see each other when you can both hop on Skype, or when one of you has enough money and can take time off to go visit the other.

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Phone calls and texts aren’t enough

Going along with the lack of physical touch, in most LDRs, the couple relies on daily phone calls and texts to help them get through the days. But, if hearing his voice and reading his words doesn’t cut it for you, don’t think twice about getting into a long distance relationship. Simply, phone calls and texts will be all you have communication wise, so if it still leaves a void for you, don’t bother.

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You hate being on the computer a lot

Aside from the phone, long distance relationships are also computer based. When you aren’t texting or talking on the phone, you’ll probably be spending time chatting through Facebook, some Instant Messenger, or on Skype. If you cannot stand to be on the computer for hours at a time, a LDR will not work for you. You almost need to enjoy sitting on your laptop for this type of relationship to last.

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You crave physical intimacy often

Sex in a long-distance relationship isn’t possible, at least not very often. While you can always handle the deed on your own, we all know that it’s completely different when you’re with a man and when you’re doing it by yourself. If you crave physical intimacy on a daily or weekly basis, an LDR is going to be torture for you. This is especially true if you can’t see your man very often.

You have a super busy schedule

If you already have a jam-packed schedule, a long distance relationship may not be ideal for you. Being super busy is one thing when you’re single, but if you’re considering a long distance relationship, you’re going to need to be able to set aside time, preferably a few hours during the week, to talk to your man. A super busy schedule doesn’t allow for the time needed to make a LDR work.

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You don’t have a lot of extra money to spare

At some point during a long-distance relationship, you’ll want to mark some dates when you two can physically see each other. Of course, this often involves flying or traveling by plane, or driving, but in the end this all means money. If you’re already living paycheck to paycheck and you don’t have much money left over, a LDR definitely isn’t for you. Traveling back and forth to see your man isn’t free or cheap.

You’re not the best at communicating

This goes for all relationships but communication is especially important in long-distance relationships. When something is wrong, you’ll have to speak up about it. Your man isn’t next to you and he isn’t able to read your body language or see your expressions. Open communication is critical in LDRs and if you struggle with expressing how you feel, you may want to avoid LDRs at all costs.

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You hate taking pictures

Long distance relationships are all about getting as close as possible. Since you two can’t see each other very often, you’ll be expected to send pictures back and forth at least every week, if not daily. If you stay far away from the camera and avoid it at all costs, you’re going to have one sad man and one bad long-distance relationship. Pictures will be one of your best ways of making the relationship semi-physical.


You have trust issues

Trust issues can be problematic in any relationship, but they will play a huge factor in long-distance relationships. In LDRs you don’t have the ability to keep tabs on your man and instead you have to trust everything that he tells you. If you have known trust issues, a long distance relationship is bound to only make them worse.

You’re not a big fan of traveling

At some point in time, you’ll be expected to either hop on a plane, train, or drive to see your significant other. If long-distance traveling isn’t for you, then a long-distance relationship isn’t for you either. You can’t expect your man to always come to you because then the relationship becomes extremely one-sided. Don’t get involved if traveling isn’t your forte.

You like the wait-and-see stance

The wait-and-see stance in a long-distance relationship is a true no-no. In the back of your mind you don’t have a lot of hope or trust that the relationship is going to work, but you refuse to end it. If you’re the type of woman that prefers to sit on the fence and wait things out, an LDR isn’t ideal for you. Sitting on the fence and waiting doesn’t equate to being involved or committed to the relationship.

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You’re a pessimist

Pessimists never do well in any type of relationship, LDRs especially. In long-distance relationships, you have to have a lot of faith that the relationship is actually worth something and that in time, it will pan out to be something more. If you prefer to live a life of negativity, do so without dragging others into it.

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You’re a jealous person

In any relationship, jealousy never pans out to be a good thing, but the problem becomes even worse in long-distance relationships. If you’re a jealous person, you may want to avoid LDRs, simply because the relationship will be made even harder and even more stressful. If your man has friends who are females and he hangs out with them on occasion, it’s likely that your jealousy will flare up and a huge argument will take place. Jealousy along with a lack of trust will ruin any chances of a successful LDR.

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You don’t have a consistent schedule

With long-distance relationships, you two will want to be able to schedule days and times that you can spend time together either online or on the phone. If your schedule is consistently changing or if you don’t have a clear idea of what days or times you’ll be free, a long distance relationship isn’t going to go very far. It may be wisest to just avoid them.

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