Staying In Tonight? 15 Movies To Watch With Your Boo Thang On Valentine’s Day

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It’s that special time of the year again. That time when you look at that someone special beside you and thank your lucky stars that you found them. And while, sure, you can head to the hottest restaurant for a night out, why not do something a little lower key this year and stay at home, cook some amazing food and pop in one of these utterly romantic, amazing sweet, heart-warmingly awesome movies? Here are a few flicks that will make for a very romantic blockbuster night.

Love Actually

Multiple storylines done right! Sure Garry Marshall gave it a go with “Valentine’s Day” and “New Year’s Eve,” but he failed miserably. The 2003 British romantic comedy “Love Actually,” on the other hand, excelled at not only making viewers care about each and every character, but created storylines that were romantic, relatable (to a certain extent) and completely magical. Not to mention, it includes one of the most adorable movie scenes ever: When Andrew Lincoln’s character holds up oak tag declarations of Christmas love to the beautiful, yet unattainable Kiera Knightley. Our hearts are melting at the very thought of all that sweetness.

Brown Sugar

Taye Diggs plus Sanaa Lathan equals sizzling on-screen chemistry and a must-watch movie on Valentine’s Day. Really on any day you are canoodling with the honey. The story of lifelong friends who ultimately find love, “Brown Sugar” is a classic romance that hits the right note in infusing hip-hop culture with relatable characters. And if the story wasn’t enough to get you hooked, more than an hour of staring at the ridiculously attractive duo of Diggs and Lathan is certainly a plus. We don’t know about you, but would it be too much to ask to reunite this pair?

Love & Basketball

Sanaa Lathan’s so good we had to include her twice! The lovely and talented actress makes a second appearance on our countdown for her turn in the classic romance “Love & Basketball.” This time, starring opposite Omar Epps, Lathan portrays aspiring baller Monica, a talented young woman who slowly but surely discovers her feelings for childhood friend Quincy. Sure the movie comes with its requisite ups and downs, trials and tribulations (we admit it, haters, it is a little predictable) but a heart-wrenching climax and adorable ending make “Love & Basketball” one of our absolute favorite romances.

The Notebook

No romantic movies list would be complete without throwing a little Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling out there. Nicholas Sparks has made his bread pandering to weepy, hopeless romantics far and wide, but he reached a whole new level in “The Notebook”. Just think a tale of star-crossed lovers on romantic steroids. With one of the hottest sex scenes in the annals of romantic film. And as if Allie and Noah’s story, which is told in flashback, wasn’t enough to get those tears streaming down your face, the film’s beautiful, yet tragic ending was bound to melt even the iciest of hearts.

Slumdog Millionaire

Another British import, “Slumdog Millionaire, “while certainly more on the dramatic side, had as equally compelling a love story as the other entries on our list. Starring then-newcomers Dev Patel and Freida Pinto, the movie can be the perfect selection if you’re in the market for something that is a little less heavy on traditional Valentine’s Day themes and more reliant on just beautifully done storytelling.

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts baby in a corner.” You tell em’, Johnnny. The ’80s classic “Dirty Dancing” had it all. Long before “Step Up” and “Save The Last Dance,” “Dirty Dancing” showed just how romantic two people hitting the dance floor could truly be. And of course, there isn’t a woman on god’s green earth that hasn’t fantasized about her man picking her up and re-creating the film’s closing scene. There have been many a remake and pseudo-remake since its release, but none has come close to embodying the magic between Jennifer Gray and Patrick Swayze. An absolute V-Day must-watch!

Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts’ street walker with the heart of gold. Richard Gere’s suave businessman. Put them together and you have one of the greatest romances in the last several decades. “Pretty Woman” was special in that not only did it deliver a modern take on Pygmalion, but it relied heavily on the chemistry between its two protagonist, not some silly gimmick. The love between Edward and Vivian is palatable, you can’t help but find yourself clinging to your tissue box when he rolls up to her place, roses in tow.

Love Jones

Larenz Tate and Nia Long’s turn in “Love Jones” is one of our favorite romantic stories ever. Though the movie comes to an admittedly bittersweet conclusion, there is no denying the chemistry and love these two characters share throughout the film.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Angela Bassett finds romance with a gorgeous, and mostly shirtless, Taye Diggs. Is there really anything else that needs to be said about this one? Eye candy and a love story. Done and done.

The Wedding Singer

One of the funniest entries on our list, “The Wedding Singer” takes us back to the 1980s as wedding singer Robbie Hart (played by Adam Sandler) slowly falls in love with bride-to-be Julia (played by Drew Barrymore). What we love about this flick is not only the down right adorableness of every interaction Robbie and Julia have, but that it has all the camp, all the cliche, all bad fashion and questionable music of the 80s.

A Walk To Remember

This one is definitely on the sad side, but “A Walk To Remember” still made our cut. Starring Mandy Moore and Shane West as high school lovers who brave the ire of their friends, illness and other hardships to find love, “A Walk To Remember” sprung from the romantic genius that is, surprise, surprise, Nicholas Sparks. Favorite movie moment: When Landon realizes his love for Jamie as she belts out a beautiful ballad in the school play.

Never Been Kissed

Drew Barrymore makes her second appearance on our list in the 1999 romantic comedy “Never Been Kissed”. Playing nerdy journalist Josie Geller, Barrymore shines in the awkward, but lovable way that we’ve come to expect from her. And with Canadian cutie Michael Vartan starring as her love interest, how can you not want to pop this flick in on Valentine’s Day?

The Princess Bride

One might not think a story read by Peter Falk to his sick 10-year-old grandson, Fred Savage, could possibly be romantic. While this film has its fair share of comedy and adventure, the central focus is that of true love. The devotion of Wesley (Cary Elwes) to his Princess Buttercup (Robin Wright) is unmatched. There are so many memorable lines, but none more romantic than at the end of the story: “Since the invention of the kiss there have been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The End.”


Yup, we’re going old school with this selection, but if you haven’t checked out “Casablanca”, this should certainly be the year you do. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman star in one of cinema’s most epic love stories, that even if black and white films aren’t your thing, you will be moved by the love and passion the two have for each other.

West Side Story

A true classic, “West Side Story” tells the story of Tony and Maria, star-crossed lovers who come from feuding gangs. While watching the movie now, it may seem predictable, at the time “West Side Story” was innovative and wildly entertaining for its elaborate dance numbers and its interpretation of a centuries old “Romeo and Juliet” theme amid a city environment and Latino characters. Though thumbs down that the cast itself was largely devoid of Hispanic actors (sans Rosie Perez), the story itself continues to be one of the most romantically tragic stories ever told on the silver screen.

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