She Likes Me, She Likes Me Not: Fellas, This Is How You Know She’s Playing You

December 26, 2012  |  
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Do you have a hunch you like your girlfriend more than she likes you? Perhaps, that she doesn’t like you at all and is using you because she is lonely, wants attention, wants to make other people jealous or even wants your money? Here are signs the woman you are with doesn’t really care about you, and might be using you!

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You always have to go to her

If you want to see her, you have to go to her house, or meet her with her friends wherever they are. She won’t go to any restaurant or bar you want to go to, just so she can see you. Why? Because you’re not the purpose—you’re just a perk!

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She cancels on you for silly things

She cancels on you to take her dog sweater shopping or watch re-runs of her favorite show. That’s because you’re just a little toy who is around to make her happy, and today you’re not the toy she feels like playing with.

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She doesn’t know your friends or family

It’s exhausting to put on a smile and try to make an impression for new people, not to mention listen to everything about them and get to know them. Why would she put in that effort for somebody she’s not that into?



She’s not a good listener

When you’re talking to her about something you’re really interested in, or worried about, or excited about, she is clearly spacing out, playing with her phone or fixing her makeup. She’s not going to take on the added emotions of a person she doesn’t truly love. She has enough emotions of her own.



She forgets big things happening in your life

You tell her one day that your boss had a heart attack and is out of the office for weeks, the next day she asks if your boss gave you anything hard to do. You tell her you’ve been invited to speak at a conference one weekend, she asks you to hang out that weekend. When someone loves you, they remember when big, life-altering things are happening to you.

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She loves you most when you compliment her

She fishes for compliments, and when you give them to her—more specifically, shower her with them—then she loves you and throws her arms around you. Oh yeah and asks for more compliments. She’s just keeping you around to boost her ego.

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She never gets jealous—ever

Think about it: if you went up and blatantly hit on another woman in front of your girlfriend, would she care? If not, well…she probably would let you do whatever you wanted so long as you still did what she wanted you to do for her.


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You only have sex when she feels like it

Never when you are really riled up or could use a good romp in the sack after a long day will she work up the energy to do it. But when she wants to have sex, she throws a hissy fit if you don’t give in.

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She never feels like having sex

And here’s an even easier one. If she never wants to have sex period and finds ridiculous reasons not to every night. She’s not into you.

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She has girls nights a lot

Girls nights are just an excuse to dress up hot and get attention from other men, which is fine, but if your girlfriend feels the need to do this multiple nights a week, something’s not right. If she were head over heels in love with you, your affection would satiate her desire for attention.

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She never pays

You pay to treat someone who you recognize works hard, is a good person and deserves to be treated. But, if she doesn’t really care about you, she doesn’t recognize any of that about you. That’s a prerequisite to her not caring about you, so she’s not paying.

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She talks your ear off

She’s not really in love with you, so what does she care about annoying you? As far as she’s concerned, you make a perfectly good sounding board. Getting to talk a bunch about her own problems makes her feel important, and you let her do that.



She always wants friends around

Having friends around provides a buffer. If you were alone, you might just realize you have nothing in common, or that she’s just not very affectionate or nice to you.

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She flirts with other guys

If she knows you’re only temporary, she’ll have no qualms conducting her search for a guy she’s actually into right in front of you. If you confront her about her flirting, she can always turn it on you and say you’re being paranoid.

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