We Wish We Could Be Happy But…15 Men Who Crushed Us When We Found Out They Were In Relationships/Married

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Why is it that we sometimes feel a connection to celebrities that we don’t know personally? We’re happy for their accomplishments, cry when they pass away, are supportive of them through hard times, consider them our – as Wendy Williams likes to put it – “best friends in our heads,” and even sulk when we find out that they’re no longer single – though our chances of realistically being with them are slim to none. I know I’m guilty of this – especially that last one. So I figured I’d spotlight 15 men who we were crushed to find out had been boo’d up. Click through and relive the pain with me.


Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe. The number of hearts he broke when he married Nicole Ari Parker in 2005 could be considered criminal. Why, we wondered, would such a fine piece of man lock himself down before we had our chance at him?! But I believe we’ve all come to our senses, and maybe even love the family man and his lady as a couple more now than ever before.

Omar Epps

Those of us who love Omar Epps: let’s not pretend we didn’t dream about shoving Sanaa Lathan aside and taking her place next to him in Love and Basketball. There was just something about his body and undeniable swag that had many of us watching and re-watching, and re-watching some more. But in 2006, we Omar lovers were forced to take a seat when he married Keisha Spivey from the R&B group Total.

LL Cool J

Ladies Love Cool James all right, so much so that many of us were saddened by his 1995 marriage to Simone Johnson. We’ve gotten over it though and have come to love Cool J as the family-oriented man he’s been for some time now. But every time we see him lick his lips, we can’t help but fantasize about being his lady like we used to. Ah well…

Justin Timberlake

After marrying Jessica Biel this October, Justin Timberlake removed himself from the market – and from many of our dreams. Yes, we were sad to lose one of our finer white boys, but I suppose we’ll get over him just like we have so many others. And it will probably be easier since he hasn’t put out amazing songs like “Until The End of Time” and is trying to be taken seriously as an actor only. Ya’ll know he wrote that song about me right?


Oh how we love us some Common. He’s the fine black man that many of us dream about, and given how much he loves us black women in return, how could we not swoon over him? But in 2008, our swooning hit a snag when sources reported that he and Serena Williams were an item, and boy were they. You could see them vacationing together looking all happy and crap.  I admit I was upset initially, but am I the only one who now misses them as a couple? She definitely made him happy.

T.J. Holmes

The CNN news reporter turned BET’s Don’t Sleep host, T.J. Holmes is a fine hunk of an intelligent man – which is probably why so many of us couldn’t help but be upset by news of his marriage to Marilee Fiebig in 2010. The two are currently pregnant with their first child so we’ll have to get over it and continue to swoon over him from a distance.

Morris Chestnut

Morris Chestnut may have married Pam Byse back in 1995, but that doesn’t mean we’re not still upset about it from time to time: like when we watch Chestnut in a movie (say The Best Man where he was looking too delicious) or on TV and remember just how fine – and taken – he is really is.

Ryan Reynolds

There’s something about Ryan Reynolds. Don’t ask me what it is; maybe it’s his smile, or his tan skin, or maybe even his tousled hair and delicious muscles… Whatever it may be, it was strong enough to elicit a collective groan from all of us when we found out he had secretly married actress Blake Lively in South Carolina back in September. I mean, c’mon Ryan! She’s so…not me…

Michael Ealy

How could we forget Michael Ealy? The light-eyed beauty who’s been melting our hearts for years has been telling the world that he was single for years now. So he certainly delivered us a blow just LAST WEEK when news broke that he and his longtime girlfriend Khatira Rafiqzada had secretly married back in October… after dating for four years.


Those of us who love a Southern gentleman had to be feeling a little miffed when it was revealed that T.I. had finally gone on and married his longtime girlfriend and former Xscape singer Tiny. I can’t say that I’m one of those women (I was actually happy for Tiny), but I can understand how some might have been broken up about it. T.I. is mighty fine.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is fine; leading man fine; A-list actor fine; fine regardless of age fine… you get the point. That explains why so many of us were initially crushed by his marriage to Pauletta. But come on, how can we hate on such a beautiful black Hollywood relationship? – I’m not saying I don’t want to though…

Isaiah Mustafa

Isaiah Mustafa made watching commercials a pleasure after his Old Spice ad aired back in 2010. Many of us were captivated by this new (and chocolate!) Old Spice man, but were crushed when news sources reported that he was dating a number of women.

Taye Diggs

In 2003, Taye Diggs and his big beautiful smile ruined many-a-fantasy when he married actress Idina Menzel. Although many of us were crushed, we’re happy he found love and happiness in family life. If you ever want to come back, we’ll be waiting for ya’ Taye.

Channing Tatum

Okay, so maybe I stretched it with this one; you’d have to be somewhat of a Channing Tatum fan (like I am) to know why I feel how I feel about this couple, who are now expecting a child together. It was his role in the 2006 hit movie Step Up, which brought him to the leading lady in his life. Tatum danced his behind right off and into our fantasies. Turns out his co-star Jenna Dewan was equally as impressed as the two transformed their onscreen romance into real-life romance and married in 2009.


When Usher married Tameka Foster, it seemed like everyone disagreed with the union and had one hateful thing or another to say about her, her age, and her motives. But I wonder, was all that hating because we just didn’t like her, or because we didn’t like her with him? – as in we wanted him for ourselves? Who knows. But seeing what they both dealt with together, I think we’ll pass on the guy now that he’s not married. And besides, he’s already back in a serious relationship with Grace Miguel, another older woman.

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