Let It Go, Let It Flow:14 Ways to Let Go of a Bad Dead End Relationship

December 3, 2012  |  
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Though it can be extremely hard, it’s always better to let go of a bad dead end relationship instead of stringing it along. Nobody ever  said it would be easy, but in the end you have to do what’s right for you. Here are 14 ways to move on and let go of a bad relationship once you realize it is going anywhere — or at least where you want it to go.

Wrap your head around it

A relationship is over when mentally it’s over in your head. Without a mental connection, the emotional connection goes away too. So when you realize that you’re not happy, don’t try to rationalize it. Mentally accept that things aren’t the way you want them to be and they won’t get better. The process of ending things becomes a lot easier that way.

Prepare yourself 100%

Since you’ll be ending a relationship, you really want to prepare yourself for the after effects. You may feel lonely and scared, but preparing for it all before it comes is ideal. Know ahead of time some of the emotions you’ll be feeling, and brace yourself as much as possible.

Focus on yourself

In a relationship, many women tend to put themselves second. However, when a relationship is on the brink of ending, start focusing on you. Make time to find your happiness again and start doing things you love to do.

Figure out the real reasons it’s over

Before ending a relationship, you want to know that you’re ending it for a good reason, especially if you’re leaving someone you truly care about. While you don’t have to write down a lengthy list, make sure your reasons have validity behind them. Otherwise, you may regret it.

Be courageous

Ending a relationship isn’t an easy feat. This means you’ll need to build up some self-confidence and courage to go through with your plans. The more courage you have, the easier it’ll be to end the relationship, go through the stages of grief, and move on to a new one in time.

Don’t prolong the inevitable

Some of us like to think that another day, week, or month will make a difference in a bad relationship. The fact is that a dead end relationship isn’t going to get better. Accepting this is key. Don’t string yourself along thinking and hoping it’ll get better.

Stay positive

Ending a relationship can leave a bad taste in your mouth, and sometimes rightfully so. But remember, as the old saying goes, there are plenty of fish in the sea. This guy simply wasn’t the one for you it doesn’t mean you aren’t for anybody.

Don’t dwell on it

Dwelling on a downhill relationship will get you nowhere. Instead, focus on ending the bad and looking towards the new. Dwelling will only make ending the relationship and letting go of it a lot harder.

Reconnect with the single you

We all change when we’re in relationships, so now is a good time to reconnect with the single lady side of you. Think back to your single days and all of the freedom you had. Plan a girl’s night out and enjoy being single.

Think about what you learned

All relationships teach us something, no matter how horrible the relationship was. Even though you’re ending a bad relationship, try to bring as much good out of it as you can. Think about what you’ve learned about yourself, what you don’t like in a man, and what you won’t put up with next time.

Don’t fear the unknown

A lot of women fear being single and the unknown future of their relationship status. This is especially true for women who have been in a long-term relationship.  Fearing being alone or not meeting someone new is just silly. There’s bound to be someone out there for you.

Get rid of the keepsakes

If he’s given you gifts or something that you’ve held on to since day one, get rid of them. Though you’ll want to remember some memories, holding on to keepsakes that remind you of the relationship will only make it harder. Pictures, teddy bears, text messages, and anything else needs to go…ASAP!

Don’t focus on appealing to him

Many people want to be friends after breaking up, but staying friends with a guy who you had a bad relationship with is rarely a good idea. Keep the focus on you and you only. Staying friends can lead to future jealousy and even more hurt, especially if the friendship goes sour.

Don’t regret anything

Ending a relationship takes a lot of time and effort and once it’s all done the entire time you were together can easily seem like a waste of even more time. There’s no reason to regret a failed relationship since you likely learned plenty from it. In the end it’s just another part of life and another learning experience.

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