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In what I would like to consider the Golden Age of Reality Television, VH1 was in the forefront, producing shows that brought about ratings and entertainment.  After we got close to Flavor Flav, New York, and Bret Michaels, VH1 decided to give Ego Trip an opportunity to help out a small number of rappers to get their foothold through the door.  Lead by MC Serch, Ego Trip launched “The (White) Rapper Show” which hoped to illuminate talented Caucasian rappers in a black male dominated arena.  After the success of “The (White) Rapper Show,” VH1 decided to give attention to the ladies who have had a harder time breaking through barriers in rap.

We watched, we laughed, we “Hallelujah Holla Backed” and now we’re left wondering:  “Where are these rappers now?”  Why, how nice of you to ask:

The Hosts

MC Serch

MC Serch was a rapper that made his way into the rap game with his now defunct rap group “3rd Bass.”  Being active in the rap game since 1985, Serch, also known as “TBone Lemke” led the pursuit in finding the ultimate rappers in each installment, and also served as a mentor for each one.

Where is he now?  He went back to Hot 102.7 for a minute, participated in a college tour where he engaged in “nationwide community dialogues on hip-hop called Rap Sessions,” moved to Orlando, made guest appearances on several rappers’ tracks, and gave a really good break down of what Occupy Wall Street was.  He also had a nonprofit where Palestinian Jewish artists would have their music available for download on his former site,, and whenever a person purchased a song, 100% of the proceeds would go to help shelter orphans who were displaced due to war.



Yo Yo

I mean, who doesn’t love them some Yo-Yo?  Ice Cube’s former protege took the world by storm with her debut album “Make Way for the Motherlode,” grabbed a Grammy nomination, and continued to make music for a minute.  She also dipped her foot in the acting pool with appearances in movies and television shows, particularly as Keylolo, Shenana’s friend on the show “Martin.”  She appeared along side MC Serch as a judge on Miss Rap Supreme.

After the show she released a few singles off of the album “My Journey to Fearless:  The Black Butterfly,” so the rest of us are just waiting for the album to be fully released.


The (White) Rapper Show 


Let’s start with the winner.  $hamrock was a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, whose father was a blues guitarist; so he was surrounded by black music growing up.  As a journalism student at UGA he started dabbling in rapping, and by spitting a few 16 bars he won and got the opportunity to open for the Roots and Sleepy Brown.  A fan favorite on the show, he pretty much kept to himself, and out of drama to mainly focus on just spitting rhymes when it was desired of him.

After winning the show he did collaborations with multiple artists, including B.O.B. when he was pre-Airplanes.  He just released a new LP on September 4th named “Money Green” and he has his own business called Wyte Music that sales music, apparel and accessories.

John Brown

The self-proclaimed “King of the Burbz” came into the house with the agenda of not just showcasing his talent, but also to bring awareness to his [rap group?] movement Ghetto Revival.  With their catchphrase “Hallelujah Hollaback” (which was seen as blasphemy by some), John Brown made it to the final two, but also made a few enemies on the show.

After the show, Ghetto Revival released a mixtape, had their hoodies advertised on, and acquired a female rapper named Victoria Ortiz under the “Ghetto Revival Models” umbrella.  But, John has left his “Ghetto Revival” roots and is now promoting “The BurbsLife.”  He has released a new LP and is still on his music making hustle, including producing music as well.

Jus Rhyme

Jus’ Rhyme was the nice guy on the show.  While pursuing a rap career with his group AR-15 (Anti-Racist-15) he was also pursuing his PhD.  He made it to the final three, which was bittersweet, because he lost his fellowship in Ethnic Studies due to him being on the show.

But after the show, he gained his PhD in 2011, and has his own business touring, performing, and DJing across the country.  He released two albums, “2011:  Space Odyssey” available on iTunes, and “Apocalypse Now!”  that released this year.  He also writes articles addressing social issues and encouraging the demolition of racism. He was a professor in Sociology, has a book pending and does college tours where he discusses the social issues that he writes about.


Now this chick had one of the nicest flows on the show.  Even though she got into some trouble on the first episode by being too liberal with using the “n-word” and shoving her dildo in John Brown’s face, she apologized and made it to the final four.  She could have made it further if during her elimination challenge when she stumbled she would have just picked it  back up.  But since the judges felt that she gave up, she was out.

Still spitting rhymes, Queens native Persia has released multiple singles and mixtapes, featured in Complex magazine, while juggling being a mother.  She has her own jewelry line called “Purdy by Persia,” and if you need a refresher course of how sick this woman is in the booth, just check out her website.  *Drops the mic.


Boston native, Bobby Sullivan, came on the show and was extremely entertaining.  However, when he began to butt heads with some of the other rappers (particularly John Brown) it seemed to lessen his steam.  In an elimination challenge where he was supposed to criticize his fellow teammates, he eliminated himself for not wanting to be a snitch.

After the show he did a song with Busta Rhymes, released two mixtapes, and worked with well known music producer Teddy Riley, and toured promoting his music.

The Ladies of “Miss Rap Supreme”


Khia already had a name in the industry, with her single “My Neck My Back,” so when she popped up as a contestant, it immediately caused a little bit of confusion and tension between the ladies, particularly Ms. Cherry.  As customary, each woman at the bottom of the challenge needed to freestyle 16 bars, and when the judges found out that Khia’s 16 bars was a prerecorded song, she was eliminated.

After the show, Khia continued to do work in the studio, writing and producing her own songs.  She came out with a double rap/r&b album entitled “Motor Mouf/Khia Shamone” where she showcased her singing talents in the lead track “Been a Bad Girl.”  She also did a vlog that addressed multiple artists and re-cemented her beef with Trina.  Speaking of beefs, there was that twitter beef she had with female Atlanta rapper Diamond, and Funkmaster Flex after her nude photos leaked.  She also has made diss songs on Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim and released a new album on Sept. 29.  On top of all that, Khia is set to appear on the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.”

Lady Twist

Known for her fast flows, Lady Twist entered the competition ready to expose her talent, but had a hard time dealing with all of the unnecessary drama and lack of privacy.  The then journalism major rapped, and danced her way to the fourth episode and was then eliminated.

After the show, she got her degree in journalism, released a double mixtape called “The Demotape 1” and “The Demotape 2,” and a mix tape called the “Trilogy.”  She dabbled in stand-up comedy and doing skits, but still dabbles in music from time to time.


Extremely outspoken and entertaining, after only starting rapping one year prior Nicky2States came on the show expressing her lyrical prowess and making viewers laugh with her commentary on the contest and the girls.  She went strong even up to the elimination freestyle that got her the boot.

She had four kids before going on the show, and in August she took her 2nd oldest to college (proud Mama moment).  It appears that she might have had a cute little boy, and she’s still making music.  But, according to her twitter she just lost someone close to her, so hitting her up and offering some condolences might be nice.


Chiba was a former model and clothing designer until she got into a car accident that scarred her left eye that resulted in her losing her contract.  She then donned some glasses and focused more on rapping.  Though she was talented, she was ostracized in the house for starting drama (and telling contestant Byata in a fit of rage that she was a devil because she had white skin).  Through the drama, she made it to the final four, but was eliminated when the judges suspected that her freestyles were pre-written.

When she was eliminated she said that she was cast to be in the movies:  The Vapors,  Knuckles (with Tyson Beckford), and Make it Rain. But, Hollywood can be fickle, so these movies could have been cast, but never filmed.  She has continued to release music and continues to perform.

Ms. Cherry

Coming straight from the ATL, Ms. Cherry was very talented but she placed her talent aside in the beginning of the challenge to beef with Khia.  She got back on her grind and made it to the final three, but was eliminated in the finale episode of the series.

She released music, and had a baby with T-Pain, but allegedly filed papers because he failed to pay child support.  She was at this year’s BET Hip Hop Honor’s awards.


Coming from Brooklyn, Byata stayed strong in the competition.  Though most of the show revolved around the beef she had with Chiba, her talent kept her there until the final two.  But, she came in second place.

After the show, she moved to LA, released some music and now is a proud mom to a cute one year old boy.

Rece Steele

This Bronx native came from a lineage of rap.  Her mother was a former rapper, but was determined to make her own path in the industry.  She went on the show, exposed her talent and ended up winning the entire competition.

After winning, she continued to rap, participated in a few rap battles and started writing.

Now for something random…

While researching for this article, I was re-reading the recaps for the episodes to refresh my memory when this picture popped up.  It appears to be the same Mona Scott-Young that is now bringing you all of the Love and Hip Hop drama that your little eyes want.  She came on the final episode and was one of the guest judges with Missy Elliot to pick the winner for Miss Rap Supreme.

I don’t want to say 100% this is her, but if it is, did you know that before producing reality shows she had her own entertainment company where she managed people like Missy and Jim Jones?!  I had NO idea.  Well, the lesson to take from this is grind whenever/wherever you can.  Success comes with persistence, and try multiple avenues.  Oh, and remember to stay bossy.



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