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Ohhh you know the type:  always telling you how right you should be living and their own windows need washing. Or the other type: the ones who’ve reached a certain level of enlightenment in life and now feel the need to continuously tell you what you’re doing wrong.  Sometimes it’s funny and sometimes, it’s just downright sad how the tables often turn.

Check it out…and please try not to get yourself too upset!


Sister Patterson

We should have known better.  Had Sister Patterson really been that set in her “church ways,” we probably would have never seen her on I Love New York.  But many people ran with it because who lies about being “down” with the church?  Don’t answer since we have more people on this list but because this was a reality show, we should have suspected something was up with New York’s “mother.”  Once she got full face time, we found out that was all an act and she was just an actress – definitely not New York’s real mother.


Creflo Dollar

I don’t think I ever wanted to trust Creflo because of his name. Wrong? Possibly but I’m just being honest.  A few months ago, he was arrested on a domestic violence charge stemming from an alleged fight he had with his teenage daughter.  She wanted to go out at 1am (she’s 15…girl, BYE) and when Mr. Dollar told her that wasn’t going to happen, she allegedly became irate and the fight ensued. But reports stated that Mr. Dollar choked her, threw her to the ground, punched her and then hit her with a shoe.  Wait now, Pastor. We may never know what really happened but many say that a man of the cloth really shouldn’t be getting that violent.


Bebe Winans

I know, we all love Bebe and Cece Winans…who doesn’t?! But Bebe?  Yeah, this brother has had some troubles.  In 2009, he was arrested for domestic assault after allegedly pushing his ex-wife to the ground in the midst of an argument they were having in front of the children.  It was such a mess that his appearance on one of Oprah’s shows on OWN (they’re good friends) was canceled.  The charges were dismissed because Bebe agreed to go to therapy for his anger issues but that type of behavior won’t ever be cute for a gospel singing, God-fearing man like Brother Bebe.


Shaunie O’Neal

This one is mostly for giggles so rock with me!  Shaunie always boasts about how “grown” she and the rest of the cast members of Basketball wives are and doesn’t apologize for how foolish her show makes women look.  But last season, when the viewers took to Twitter, blogs and other forms of communication to express their disgust with how horrible the portrayal of women had become, Shaunie went one place: church. Yes, Shaunie went to go see a Pastor because it’d all become too much for her and she was considering leaving the show.  We never heard her mention God, a church or a pastor before the wrath from reality show fans came down on her.


Jesse Jackson

I mean, where should we begin? For years, many people thought Jesse Jackson was, as they say, a media Slore.  He loved attention and any time an issue in the black community arose, he was right there in front of the camera crews. But we let it go because hey, maybe he was helping the world make change.  But then…we found out about the baby.  In 2001, it was revealed that Jesse had been having an affair and actually had a child in 1999. We were SPENT.  But he couldn’t keep quiet for so long because a few years later, in 20008, he was caught speaking quite ill of President Barack Obama. He said, under a hot microphone (a mic that’s on), that he wanted to “cut his balls off” after Obama came down on black fathers during a Fathers’ Day speech.  Even after all his “apologetic” tears, I think we were all pretty much done with him.

R. Kelly

I’m actually not going to go that hard on R. Kelly.  But seriously, even while he was “allegedly” dealing with young girls – or at least, one underage girl – Kellz always managed to put out an inspirational song or a song thanking God for all his blessings.  I guess if you have a belief system in place, no matter what you’re doing (and he was doing “the most”), you always have a place to go.  Alright then.

Bill Cosby

Mr. Cosby (I’m showing respect) is on the list, not because he fits the bill of what’s described but rather because he sometimes comes across as “holier than thou.”  Although he’s made great points when telling the black community what it needs to do in order to succeed, he often forgets that how he got his start in Hollywood was based on cracking jokes and being involved in some of the same foolishness he now chastises.  Mr. Cosby always has a point and we often agree but I mean, can’t he just say “job well done” sometimes?

Eddie Long

Public Enemy #1.  Honestly, what he did to those young men is so disgusting that there is no reason, in my opinion, why anyone would actually care to hear anything he has to say about God, life, prosperity or anything else.  In the eyes of many he is no longer a man of God and is absolutely not a “messenger.”  Oh his time will come and since I’m pretty sure he’s at least read the Bible, he knows he has something coming to him.

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