Where Are They Now? Our Favorite Good and Bad Guys From “The Wire”

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OUR FAVORITE SCHOOL KIDS (In Cased You Missed It Before…)


Tristan Wilds

Though Wilds’ character of Michael Lee started of soft-spoken and somewhat shy (when it came to adults, and we all know why that was…) in the end, we watched the very loyal character turn into a cold blooded hitman. Wilds was so good in the role, it was crazy. But surprise, surprise, he left the gritty streets of Baltimore for Beverly Hills as star on the revamped version of “90210.” Along with being the lone black face on that show, the cutie was in the movie The Secret Life of Bees, Red Tails, and is working on two new movies: Fruitvales and Indelible. And did I mention that he’s still a cutie?



Maestro Harrell

*Shakes head* Randy Wagstaff’s story literally had me in tears near the end of season four of “The Wire.” As sweet, smart and innocent as he was, the young man didn’t know how to say no, and because of that, he kept finding himself in a sea of trouble on the regular. *sighs*

Oh well. But things have been all good for Harrell since the show ended. Also a music producer, he did the music for Rihanna’s Rebelle Fleur perfume commercial. But he still acts on the regular. He most recently had a role on the show “Suburgatory,”  and was in the movies Polish Bar and The Promotion. He’s also had many a guest role on shows like “Meet the Browns,” “Lie to Me” and “CSI: NY.”

Jermaine Crawford

Geez, the more I talk about these characters, the more sad I get! Duquan “Dukie” Weems was another one with a lot of potential, but he just came from the roughest of beginnings. The son of drug addicts, though a smart kid, his parents were always selling his stuff and left “Dukie” in a state of poverty. That is until he started rolling with Michael all the time. *another sigh* If only he had went on to high school…

But there’s pretty good news in real life for Crawford. He’s kept up the work since his time on “The Wire” ended, showing up in the movies An American Affair, Twelve, Damsels in Distress, and he just finished the movie, Maladies. He also had guest starring roles on popular shows like “Person of Interest.” Why Dukie, you’ve come SUCH a long way…


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