If Only He Knew: 6 of Your Secret Behaviors That Would Freak Him Out

June 5, 2012  |  
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I truly empathize with the plight of the “crazy” woman. You know the Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction type of women. (I still haven’t seen that movie by the way.) I empathize with these types because while their actions are inexcusable, morally unsound and often illegal, it’s not hard for me to see how they could get there. By now you’re probably thinking, “Yup, she’s one of those crazies.” But I’m not. 1.Because I believe it’s best not to fight for a man who clearly doesn’t want me and 2.Because I’ve never been in a situation where my expectations for a person were so lofty that when they failed to reach them I lost my sanity. But again, I can see how women get there. I know women who’ve gotten there. Truth is, many of us women-folk can be so wrapped up in our emotions we honestly lose sight of our logic. And we don’t have to be crazy in the Fatal Attraction sense to experience this. Don’t believe me? Check out these typical behaviors and thoughts women  share that men might deem a little… off.

Imaging or “seeing” what your future children will look like

Some of us are monitoring our biological clocks…closely. When we look at a man, we’re not only considering his fineness for our sake but also for the sake of our future offspring. Will our genes mesh well together? Will our son get teased for those ears? I know this is a common behavior for women, not only because I’ve done it myself (full disclosure) but also because there are entire websites and programs dedicated to “showing” people what their prospective children will look like. If you’ve only been dating dude for three months, you might not want to show him the picture of your “hypothetical” child.

Going through most, if not all of his Facebook pictures

I’ll be the first to tell people if something about your profile intrigues me, whether you’re a man or a woman, please believe I’ve been through your pictures. These pictures can tell you a lot, and I mean a lot, about people. Sure they can be misleading but for the most part they let you know where people’s priorities are. Even if their priorities are making their life look more glamourous than it really is. When all that information is right there at your fingertips, what woman wouldn’t want to learn all she could?

 Watching him sleep

There’s really no logical explanation for this one. I can’t say why we do it. Perhaps because people seem so vulnerable and innocent when they’re asleep. It also gives you uninterrupted time to stare at their facial features. Seeing him in such a child-like state might lead you to start thinking about those future kids again.

Freaking out if he doesn’t answer the phone

With our ever fluctuating hormones, wandering imaginations and sensitivity, even the best of us can become insecure at times. If you’re in a new relationship, an unanswered phone call will have you feeling a bit dejected. Your rational mind tells you he’s in another room. He’s just busy right now or whatever. But your emotional mind tells you he’s lost interest. That perceived, though inaccurate interpretation, can have you going through some changes. You may find yourself vacillating between sadness and anger… that is until your phone rings.

Smelling his clothes and other belongings while he’s gone

I once spoke to this woman who said the best thing about boys is their smell. I don’t know if I’d say it’s the best thing; but I’d agree, it’s pretty high up on the list. When you’re attracted to someone, it’s almost like you crave their scent. But you can’t walk around with your nose in his neck all day so what is a girl to do? If you’re home and he’s not you might find yourself compulsively led to smell an article of his clothing. Just so you can get your fix until he returns. Honestly, if he were to catch you sniffing, he might be more flattered than freaked out. Just don’t go stealing his clothes to feed your addiction.

Imagining his last name at the end of yours

If men knew just how soon we start questioning whether or not we could spend the rest of our lives with them, they might run for the hills. But that’s just how a lot of women have been conditioned to see our dating partners. It takes significant effort to remind ourselves to take it slow and see where the relationship goes. Rationally, we may know that we’re only on our first date but in the back of our minds we’re thinking, “I wonder if he would make a good husband?”

Do any of these behaviors sound familiar to you? Which of your “secrets” might freak a man out?

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