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I’ll never forget when I went to prom with my dad. Well, let me clear that up, he was just a chaperone and asked both my sister and I to come along to keep him company. He had never attended a prom and didn’t know what to expect. It should have been the norm: colorful dresses, happy teenagers letting loose and so on and so forth. But no, it was a hot ratchet mess. In this particular side of this particular part of this particular city, a majority of the students had their dresses made. You know a homemade prom dress when you see it–there’s less material to it. When the kids walked in the door, every piece of skin you could think of was out, the materials were hideous, and the guys were wearing hats with wrist watches on them…don’t ask. Yes, ratchet prom attire is becoming as American as apple pie, and to keep your child from going that route, have them look at this gallery. If not, good luck.

The “Where Are Your Damn Clothes” Dresses

Blame it on a school where students have to wear uniforms all year long, or just society’s lack of appreciation for clothing, but more and more young ladies are showing up thinking these kinds of dresses are hot. All you have to do is make an outfit and use the extra material…as the dress. If we can’t see all thigh, your entire stomach and the top and sides of your breasts, then you’re not committed to looking as ratchet as possible.

The “I Tried to Be Creative But Failed” Dresses

Who needs a prom dress when you can wear a prom capri outfit? And why not take cut outs to the next level? You can tell these individuals wanted to be creative and stand out. They sure do! But NOT for the right reasons. Please go back to the drawing board kids…

The “Name Brand” Dresses

Nothing looks more refined and classic than the print of a Gucci bag or some Louis Vuitton luggage (the real ones, not knock offs). But on a dress? I don’t know who these people thought they were trying to impress but this is just dead wrong. Add to that the cut outs and scandalous splits on the Louis dresses and you’re looking at some of the tackiest attire, not just prom dresses, of all time.

The “Man I Love My Team” Dresses

Prom season IS usually NBA playoff season, so I can understand being down for your favorite team. But there’s a time and place for everything. For instance, a bar, a playoff party at someone’s house, Buffalo Wild Wings (whatever floats your boat), but NOT prom. Thank goodness the jersey dress trend fell into the depths of hell a few years back because I can’t imagine still seeing these outfits on the street, let alone in prom-dress form.

The “My Baby is My Accessory” Dresses

So you’re pregnant and you want to go to prom. These days, that’s not a big deal these days. But do everyone a favor and try to be tasteful with it. Do we need to see the belly out and about? And if you’re going to cover the belly, why must you have every other body part out? Something loose and lovely is the best option, not tight and tacky.

The “Just Plain ‘Ol Ugly” Dresses

What can be said about these dresses that hasn’t been said about Evelyn from “Basketball Wives”?

They don’t make sense whatsoever and they’re tacky as hell. Plaid is not a good choice for a dress you intend to wear to prom, the first dress looks like something you should wear to Carnival, and the blue gown just looks like a dyed garbage bag with rhinestones and cut outs. To say these outfits aren’t cute is an understatement.

And What Is HE Wearing???

I’m sorry, but prom is supposed to be one of the few times in the year that a young man leaves the sneakers and jeans at home for a fresh tuxedo or suit and maybe some fly Stacy Adams shoes. It’s sad to see these two guys couldn’t ditch the athletic-wear look for something more appropriate. I guess they were going to be damned if they were caught in some gators and  a vest. And that’s why they look a hot a** mess. And the boutonniere on the jacket? C’mon son…

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