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Meagan Good is turning out to be the antithesis of the seductive characters she plays on-screen. Before the 30-year-old became engaged to her preacher man fiancé she talked about her choice to remain celibate until marriage and as part of her new spread for Fearless magazine, the young actress spoke during a Fearless Girls workshop and encouraged young ladies to find comfort in prayer.

Meagan began her talk discussing the importance of finding your purpose in life and why the thought of girls suffering with depression to the point of committing suicide troubles her so much.

“What you’re supposed to do in the world, nobody else can do,” she told the girls. “So, now you’re gone. So now it’s not gonna get done, and what you didn’t do is going to affect so many other people’s lives.”

She went on to talk about issues she’s had to deal with such as the pressure she’s felt as the sole breadwinner for her family.

“I’ve been taking care of my whole family financially since I was 14,” Meagan said, explaining that her brother has a learning disability caused by brain damage he suffered during childhood. She also said she has an adopted younger sister and her mother and older sister are both retired. “I’ve had that weight on my shoulders my whole life pretty much.”

Talking about what a burden that’s been, she said her connection to God is what’s kept her grounded.

“The main thing is prayer. Prayer is so powerful, and God is so powerful,” she said. “He’s so beyond our own efforts and our own energy and the things that we have going on in our lives.

“I pray to God to give me strength, to give me vision, to tell me what to do, how to live—sometimes what to wear!” she stated.

Beyond prayer, Meagan said girls also need to spend time in the word.

“It uplifts me to a point where I feel like I have the energy and I have the strength to get through whatever the day brings,” she told them.

It’s not every day that a Hollywood star sends that type of message out and it’s good Meagan is able to be a spiritual role model for these girls. Check out more of her talk here, along with some words of encouragement from “Sparkle” star Brely Evans.

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