Oh NO He Didn’t: 7 Things That Annoy Women About Men

April 23, 2012  |  
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There is a list of 7 things that annoy men about women, which I’m sure you’ve checked out. And while that was eye-opening, it is only fitting that the women get to voice their concerns as well. The male list of annoyances consisted of communication components.  As women, we’re always able to delve a little deeper (or be a bit shallow). The men we share our lives with irritate us for more reasons than one. They should certainly take notice of this small list. But then again, we’re barely scratching the surface.

Toilet seat up

How would he like to get up in the middle of the night for a quick bathroom run and end up falling into the toilet? No one wants to hear about turning the lights on and looking first. The goal is to stay in that sleep zone. This means that the lights stay off. However, nothing is more exasperating than a cold dip in the middle of the night. Why can’t he just put the seat down when he’s done? And don’t get me started on the gifts some men leave ON the toilet seat…


The answers to certain questions tend to come in two forms. There’s creative lying, when nothing he’s saying is true. Then there’s lying by omission, when he tells the truth and leaves out a few, often very important details. He feels like he can’t tell you the complete truth because you’ll either be angry or cry. Of course, if you weren’t a human being with emotions, his reasoning would suffice.  Depending on the situation, he’ll claim that you don’t really want to know the truth. But seriously, he should know that you would rather him tell you the truth as opposed to hearing it from someone else. But even if he does know, doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll stop anytime soon.

Thinking You’re A Paid Secretary

Bills, birthdays, vacations, and appointment reminders are a part of the daily routine for a woman in a relationship. You find yourself multitasking and inadvertently keeping a calendar for him (mentally or literally in paper form/in your phone) without the acknowledgment that what you’re doing in respect to the relationship is a job all by itself. You have a day job, but you still have to fit this all in as well because, quite frankly, he just won’t get it right.


Bathroom Time

Rumor has it, women spend a lot of time in the restroom. That’s true, but whoever started that one rumor that says only women do it doesn’t know your man. He can stay in the bathroom 30 minutes or more at least three times a day. He monopolizes the bathroom at home, work, restaurants, parties, and other special events. You name a place, he’s done it there. It’s a constant waiting game for you.

Dirty Clothes

There are two hampers, but his clothing seems to miss both of them. They’ll end up near, around, or behind the hamper, but never inside. Picking his clothes up would be too easy and would make him think it’s okay to keep dropping his stuff everywhere and anywhere. If you say something more than once about it though, you’re a nag. If you leave them there when you go do laundry, you’re spiteful.  You just can’t win sometimes…

Having Suspect Friends

You feel like he may need a few good men in his corner to promote positive personal growth. However, his boy just isn’t the man for the job. Between his bed hopping and mooching, his friend is just unfavorable. What does your man see in him? In your opinion, the whole friendship makes you think your man is just holding on to be loyal even though his man is a pain. How could he be friends with somebody so juvenile and does he have to come over so often?

Midnight Poke-y

Spontaneity is awesome in most relationships, however, timing is everything. Sometimes long and stressful workdays leave us longing for that comfy pillow. On days like that, you just want to crash.  Just as that second dream builds momentum, suddenly, you’re getting tapped or poked. Any other night, it might have been all good. However, he didn’t seem to get the memo. Just a reminder: “I’m so tired” generally means, “NOT tonight.”


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