What He Really Thinks About You: 7 Things That Annoy Men About Women

April 21, 2012  |  
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Relationships are hard! Women express their concerns on a regular basis, leaving men with the option to comply. Well ladies, the men have spoken. We’re not the only one’s having issues with what’s going on. They’re just as annoyed with us as we are with them.

See what they have to say…


Yes, you’ve had the same argument over and over. Yes, he is aware of how you feel about the subject but none of that matters because you keep asking him over and over. He’s given you the same answer to that question the first few times it’s happened. He’s now tired of repeating himself. You obviously don’t like the answer he’s giving you and he absolutely hates that you’re asking again. This is why he lies. His first few consistent responses didn’t suffice, so now it’s time to make up another. He’ll do whatever it takes to shut you up.

Women Claim to Want the Truth

In his eyes, if he told you the hard nosed truth every single time, you’d be disgusted. The truth is, he wishes that you would stop asking questions that you really don’t want the answer to. He spends time doctoring up words and sentences to account for your sensitivity. You’d be crying on a regular basis if he said what he felt, especially during a disagreement. If only he could truly let it all hang out.


Although a women’s intuition is something you think comes from a higher power, he would absolutely beg to differ. In his opinion, you’re just nosey. If you truly trusted him, you wouldn’t be looking, intuition or not.  He doesn’t care what you say. No man wants to live with Sherlock Holmes. It’s not what he signed up for. If he checked up on you constantly, you wouldn’t appreciate that kind of invasion. He deserves the same privacy he gives you.

Trash Talking About His Friends

You have your friends and he has his. The fact that you think his childhood friend is a complete bum, should be kept to yourself. The same way you appreciate and protect your friends, he will too. They were friends before you entered the picture and will remain friends, should your union come to an abrupt end. Despite what you believe, men do understand loyalty.

Talk Time

You have something to say and yes he might like to hear it but not if you’re doing it during the game. It’s his entertainment time. He doesn’t bother you while you’re yapping on the phone with your girls, while simultaneously watching Basketball Wives. By the way, talking while he’s on his way to sleep isn’t the best opportunity either. Talk time seems to happen at a lot of the wrong times. Yes, he may even just be avoiding you but, “we need to talk”, is code for “you did something wrong and now you need to change”.  He feels like the talk is always going to be about something he needs to do. This brings us to the next point.


No man constantly wants to hear about his shortcomings. He heard what you said and he’s working on changing. It’s not an overnight process. Why must you constantly repeat the same thing? He’s feeling bad enough about the situation and it just feels like you’re kicking him in the gut. There is nothing else you’re going to say that will drive the point home anymore than you already have.

Limiting “Happy Hour”

Some people get a massage. Others may smoke or drink. His most preferred method of stress relief is “Happy Hour”. Everything in the world is just fine while he’s having relations with you. However, when “happy hour” is rationed, it becomes irritating. He already has to wait until you allow it to happen. How much flex do you need? First, he gave in to idea of foreplay. Now, he has to wait for you to give out signals that foreplay can be attempted. He thought women had needs too? Now you’re holding his favorite body part hostage. He can’t catch a break.

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