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Ever take a moment to check up on the latest and greatest with your favorite stars and always see the same people with issues? The media, of course, is always to blame for how they act and are portrayed and not them.  *blank stare* For some stars all may be good but there’s one thing you wonder: “Does he ever smile?”

Well these men, for many different reasons have not always been in the high favor of the media or public opinion….let’s see why they are always mad…

Kobe Bryant

For all the smiling he does on the court and the fact that he can bring his team back from being down in a game to being winners, Kobe really doesn’t seem to have the best reputation. Sportscasters have often said he’s a “ball hog” and that sometimes his opinions on team business make it difficult to like him. Many sports and entertainment fans enjoy his game but strongly dislike him.  Sure, most of us have never met him but apparently he gives off a certain type of vibe that makes it hard to see him for anything other than a jerk.


This guy.  Simply put, Wale’s reputation as an a** follows him wherever he goes.  He may be a decent rapper but it might be hard to meet someone in the media or a fan for that matter who actually likes him.  Recently, a radio personality mentioned to him that he has a reputation for being rude and nasty; to that, Wale said that people will always have something bad to say about you if they catch you on the wrong day. Okay so how many “wrong days” do you have, sir? Yes, go ahead and put that on everyone else and forget the fact that not everyone can be wrong.

Rev. Jesse Jackson

That really isn’t the smile we see from Rev. Jackson that often anymore, is it?  I guess I wouldn’t smile either if years ago I had an affair that produced a child and tried to pay off the mother to keep it quiet.  I also probably wouldn’t smile if in 2008 I was caught on camera saying I wanted to cut Barack Obama’s nuts off.  Quite often, black people have expressed that Jesse is an opportunist who uses serious matters to find his way in front of a camera (slightly similar to Rev. Al Sharpton who most of us can tolerate more).  I’m no professional but like many, I’m very observant and it always seems like the Reverend has a chip on his shoulder these days.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson may be a very wealthy man (and he definitely is) but he is also the current definition of a “mad man.”  Although many celebrated his film The Passion of the Christ, he also took a lot of heat with being accused of antisemitism in that very film.  A few years later after a drunken night which led to an arrest, he separated from his wife (she got $400 million in the divorce settlement) and it all pretty much went downhill from there.  The mother of his eighth child, Oksana Grigorieva, accused him of sexual and domestic abuse and tapes were actually released suggesting these accusations were true.  Finally, he was called a racist for using a term to describe one of his foreign employees. Yeah, Mel’s crazy…and an alcoholic.


Kanye West

Kanye is having the best week ever, huh? All the blogs and news outlets are talking about him which is what he wants: to always be the center of attention.  In the beginning of his career, Ye would make some comments that could have possibly been taken the wrong way just because he wasn’t really a “media darling.”  But then “the bigger than he could have ever dreamed” money came in and we had…this Kanye.  This is the Kanye who only in spurts says something worth listening to.  This is the Kanye who lashes out in the media when he isn’t the center of their world.  This is the Kanye who is slowly making everyone frown at him, even some of his most faithful fans.


Have any of you ever seen Eminem smile?  I don’t think I have – not even when he’s telling a funny story. I know he’s had his fair share of problems that he continues to work through but I really don’t even remember the last time I heard him laugh.  If we were in the same room for an extended period of time, I might keep my “good eye” out on him.

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