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On the latest episode of It Is What It Is, Mase surprised Cam’ron with a sultry massage courtesy of Kisha Chavis, the wife of former NBA star Joe Smith. The Dipset rapper had previously asked the Body Rub Babes founder if she could bless him with a private massage session during an interview on Check Out The Stat earlier this month.


On the Nov. 15 episode, Mase, Cam’ron and their co-host, Treasure “Stat Baby” Wilson, were getting ready to wrap up the show when staffers began to set up a masseuse table.

“Before we finish, Cam says I don’t ever do anything for him, so I got you a surprise, pause,” Mase laughed, as Cam’ron looked skeptical of the rapper’s gift.

“I don’t like the laugh, what’s happening?” he said.

Then, the “Hey Ma” rhymer’s eyes lit up with excitement when Chavis walked into the room. The 47-year-old star pulled the former adult actress in for a hug before giving Mase a shoutout.

“That’s my man right there!”

Cam’ron stripped off his silky pink shirt and let Chavis go to work on his back. During the massage session, the former singer, who got in trouble with her husband Smith in October after he discovered her account on OnlyFans, said she could hear “gas bubbles” in the Harlemite’s’ back.

“When you get a massage and your back cracks —those are gas bubbles that are popping,” Chavis explained to the trio. “So, you have like gas in between your muscles and you have to work that out.”

When Mase asked if she would “get in trouble” for giving Cam’ron a good rub down, she insisted that everything was “good.”

“He gets THE body rub babe,” she said. “I couldn’t put nobody else’s hands on this but me.”

In late October, Chavis went viral after filming Smith’s heated reaction when he found out she had an OnlyFans account. When Mase asked the star if they were “still together” after the viral debacle, Chavis said she just wanted to be “happy.” 

She also claimed that financial issues and infidelity forged a wedge in their relationship and marriage.

“When Joe and I first got together he said to me, ‘I cannot be the man that you need.’ And I didn’t believe him for a long time, because I figured that you know, depression and whatever he was going through, I could help,” Chavis said.

Smith, who was once the No. 1 pick in the 1995 NBA Draft, played for 12 teams throughout his 16-year-long career in the league. After retiring, Chavis claimed that the Golden State Warriors alum grew comfortable living out of the spotlight.

“I feel like he’s not really interested in regaining his status or anything. I think he’s just content,” she added during her sensual massage.


During an interview with TMZ Sports Oct. 31, Chavis revealed that she started her OnlyFans account because of Smith’s infidelity and financial stress.

After the former baller found out about her profile on the naughty platform, Chavis claimed that he had moved out of the house and went to live with his sister.

“He is pretty pissed off at me. I think he is at his sister’s house. He’s not talking to me right now,” she shared. “But that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention to your wife. Period.”

The former singer accused the baller of creeping with “a friend” and claimed that it was his mistress who dropped the bomb about her secret OnlyFans account.

“He has a friend that he has been entertaining and she’s decided that she wants to put a bigger wedge in our relationship. So, she went digging around my page and was like, ‘Oh, do you know that she has this?’”

Chavis told TMZ Sports that she had to protect herself financially when Smith allegedly fell into a deep depression during the pandemic. The former adult actress claimed he could no longer find work and that his lack of income put them in jeopardy of losing their home.

“I just kicked into drive and did what I had to do. And he won’t do it, so I had to,” she added.

“And I’m sorry, you knew I was an adult video star when you met me. So, if I would do anything for my survival then, what makes you think that would change now?”


So, where do things stand with Joe Smith? 

Smith chopped it up with DJ Vlad earlier this month and claimed he was trying to work things out with Chavis. But the former Los Angeles Laker player said he wasn’t happy about Cam’ron flirting with his wife.

“It bothers me a lot,” Smith revealed when asked about the Dipset rapper’s flirtatious behavior on Check Out The Stat Nov. 3.

“I did not just see that but the messages I got from people who actually went to her OnlyFans page. They sent it on Instagram [and] Facebook, talking about how my wife looks and what kind of pictures my wife got.”

Check out what he had to say below.



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