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Xaviera Steele, the teacher involved in an intense fight with a student after taking her cell phone, has come forward to tell her side of the story, days after the incident’s viral video shocked Rocky Mount residents in North Carolina.

On April 20, Forgotten Kingz TV shared the embattled teacher’s explanation video of the situation escalated into a physical altercation. Steele also announced that she was leaving education after over two decades in the field.


At the beginning of the video, she reiterated how she loved children and her job once upon a time.

“In all my 22 years, never have I ever experienced what I experienced this Monday. I’ve never been attacked by young folks. I love young people.”

However, the educator stated how the occurrence with this juvenile was different, sharing how the 14-year-old girl “went for blood” in attacking her over a cell phone and “took out an inch of my hairline.”

The mother of four pointed toward the injuries on top of her head, where she claimed the student tore her hair out. She elaborated on how she “followed protocol for whoever said I touched her first” and tried to contain the situation that progressed into physical contact.

As news broke of the fight, Steele claimed she was bombarded with thousands of comments and threats to her livelihood, thus prompting her decision to quit teaching for her safety.

Reactions to the teacher’s response to the student have been mixed, as many condemned her for putting her hands on the 14-year-old girl. However, supporters of the substitute teacher were adamant that she was well within her right to defend herself, especially as the former school administrator maintained that the student swung first.

On April 19, Steele and the student were charged with simple assault.

A GoFundme was created to help the educator and her family deal with the unfortunate incident’s aftermath. The fundraising site offered updates on the ongoing ordeal. Steele was suspended from Rocky Mount High School indefinitely, scheduled to appear in court in two months and spoke with attorneys since the fight.

The $10,000 ask was exceeded, with the top donation being $1500 from an anonymous donor.

On the site, supporters have offered the teacher words of encouragement and examples of broken school systems.

“My wife is a middle school teacher and has to put up with disgraceful behavior by her students every day. They cuss at her and the Principal, they disrupt the classroom hindering students who actually want to learn, and they physically abuse teachers with little or no repercussions,” Chris Dodd wrote. “This is a national disaster. I support people like Xaviera who take a stand. This was self-defense, but something needs to be done to stop these children from destroying our education system.

Kristine Ilochi wrote, “As a fellow teacher, I understand that you had to defend yourself and keep yourself safe. I send prayers and want blessings for you and your family. Much success in all of your future endeavors. Love and light your way!❤️”


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